The 6 Formulas Of Being A Responsibility Multiplier

A person who defies the ordinary to become extraordinary!!

“Living is all about taking chances, taking ‘Responsibility’; because in Life there is no right or wrong decisions, just Opportunities for Growth”
– Santosh Nair

Each of us, Nations, Institutions, Organizations, Communities, Entrepreneurs, Teams, and Professionals, we all have several responsibilities. These Responsibilities come in various forms, it may be focusing on health, taking on new challenges, shifting paradigms, changing circumstances, saving time; cutting costs, optimizing resources, building the company, producing results, delivering assignments on time, constantly learning, aligning to the company and so on.

Yet we often avoid certain responsibilities and also notice others doing the same. We often hear ourselves and others say, “This can’t happen, Oh! That is absolutely impossible, How can I do this? I cannot do that, This doesn’t happen in our industry/ profession…etc.”

Have you ever wondered, What is Responsibility Evasion? Why is it that people do not take up responsibilities? What is the Mental Make-up of Responsibility Evaders? How or when was this mental make-up formed?

Responsibility Evasion is a committed way of life. It is a neurosis; a psychosis; a state of drunken bliss that becomes your second nature, your habit, so deeply ingrained into your philosophies that the fact that you’re evading does not even occur; ultimately blocking the progress of self, others, organization, society, community and the entire nation.

I’m sure by now you must have already recalled yourself to be in such a situation sometime, or people around you who resemble with these behavioral patterns.

But worry not, if you, yourself want to change or want the people around you to move from being ordinary to extraordinary, follow the “6 Magic Formulas of Becoming a Responsibility Multiplier”:

  1. Demand Excellence: Never settle for the mediocrity. Always strive to get the very best and a little more, from yourself and the people around you.
  2. Disregard Difficulties: Never let difficulties put you down. Difficulties should be your stepping stone for doing something phenomenal. You need to be a fighter and conquer all kinds of pain in life.
  3. Be a Contrarian: All great leaders, who transformed this world never went with the status quo, but always challenged things like untouchability, dowry system, girl education, etc. Similarly, you too need to challenge some age old patterns in your domain and become a significant leader who has an opinion and idea.
  4. Always Remain W.I.P. (Work In Progress): All successful people have one thing in common. They have all committed to remain students for life. They keep looking for opportunities to learn something or the other from everything and everyone. Therefore, always remain a seeker of knowledge, wisdom, guidance and learning in life.
  5. First Commit, Then Think: Most success minded people first commit what they want to do or achieve and then decide on how they would go about achieving it.
  6. Fall in Love with Failure: As a popular saying goes, “Fail faster to succeed sooner. Failure is a stepping stone to success”.
    In life, always decide to remain extraordinary, stay separate from the crowd and these decisions and acts must be visible through your words and deeds.

So from today, start your day with a decision to remain a “Responsibility Multiplier” for life.

Excerpts from “Responsibility Multiplier”, a DVD by T.I.G.E.R. Santosh Nair – India’s most famous Entrepreneur Coach, Motivational & Confidence Guru, Author & a Visionary. To get in touch with him and his company smmart, or to attend this upcoming programs, kindly log on to or call +918451051500.


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