14 December 2019

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Online Savvy Mazda Ltd has no global boundaries

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Shanaya Mody, Mazda LimitedBased in Ahmedabad, Mazda Ltd manufactures premium instant powdered soft drink mixes, food color, flavoring essence, rose syrup, custard powder, baking powder, vanilla essence, jams and soft drinks. The online preparedness of company's top management allows it to become a global company.

Highlighting the company’s unique strengths, Ms Shanaya Mody, Director of Mazda ltd said, “Mazda Limited is a major player in the global market and is a company which has pioneered several processes in the engineering world. There are several food brands available in the market, but what really sets apart a good taste from the rest is - Process. How a food item is made determines its taste and quality. And that is exactly what we are best at – developing a process so superior that sets our products apart from all other products in the market. Combine this with the choicest quality ingredients and competitive pricing and we’ve got a product that nobody else can compete with.”

As a growing business, enhancing the business horizon and market outreach was a main issue at one point of time. It was in 2005 when Ms Mody discovered Alibaba.com while searching for an online promotional channel. “We actually started our food and beverage division with Alibaba.com and have been a Gold Supplier member for five years now!” said Shanaya.

“Through Alibaba.com, our division has grown by 120%.” Today, Mazda Ltd has regular customers in Russia as well as many others in the U.K., UAE, Saudi Arabia and US. Shanaya believes that in order to get the maximum benefit from Alibaba.com, a company must have the Gold Supplier Membership.

“The Gold Supplier logo next to all our product listings helps build trust with buyers, giving them more confidence to do business with us through Alibaba.com,” she said.

She conducts her business almost entirely on the Internet. “As a Gold Supplier member, I get more enquiries than ever before. Now, 100% of our business comes from Alibaba.com.“Last year alone, Alibaba.com gave us two crore rupees (US$430,000) of business!“ said Shanaya. ““Through e-commerce, our division has grown phenomenally, with customers from Russia, U.K., UAE, Saudi Arabia and The U.S. There’s really no need to use any other promotional channel.”

Here are some details on how she started her business:

Shanaya Mody, Director of Mazda Labs, who returned from London after completing her MSc, who branched out to start a new business- ‘BCool’ from the typical heavy engineering business Mazda Ltd. realized that there was an un-used piece of land equipped with some machinery, she then called a consultant what products she could manufacture with those machines and stumbled upon Drink Mix which led to diversification from the heavy machinery business that Mazda was into. This is how she started a whole new business and used Alibaba to generate those first few inquiries. she ventured out into manufacturing and exporting premium instant powdered soft drink mixes, food color, flavoring essence, rose-syrups and jams. She started the F&B division of her business through Alibaba.com way back in 2005 and today her business has grown by 125%. Almost 100% of her business comes from Alibaba.com and by March 2012 the annual turnover of her company is expected to reach INR 6 crores.

Future Outlook:

"One of the key problems I faced being part of an SME dealing with food products is establishing a brand name. Please are usually more cautious about what they consume as food, than say they would be if they were switching toothbrush brands. If a large establishment such as Kraft for example, launches a product there is this automatic faith placed in the quality and content of the food product. People would rather buy a product which has been put out by a much larger company rather than experiment with a product a smaller company is putting up for sale even though the quality/price offering the SME maybe offering is better. To overcome this, we had to establish ourselves as quality consistent suppliers and also gain a competitive edge by going the extra mile on service. A lot of our initial customers came to us on the basis of superior service and personal attention. Hence, we converted our weakness of being part of an SME as opposed to a larger FMCG company and made it our USP. Being an SME we could offer personal attention and immediate action for each and every customer." Ms Mody added, "We plan to continue to bank on these strengths to promote our brand recognition and pave the way towards brand loyalty."


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