05 December 2019

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Taking a firm stance for women entrepreneurship: Mrs Hina Shah

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Mrs Hina ShahWith more than 25 years of experience in women enterprise development movement Mrs. Hina Shah has developed variety of Women’s Enterprise Development modules for Economic Empowerment of women (poor, low income, educated etc) from urban/rural areas.

She had developed number of successful Entrepreneurship Development Training, Teaching modules for women of all strata of the society.

Mrs Shah has initiated ICECD, a specialised institute for Women Development in 1986, which has worked all over India and established itself as a premier institute for women’s economic empowerment activities.

Throughout her career, she has been actively involved in developing strategic plans for country, funding institutions, development agencies/ organizations for livelihood opportunities and women entrepreneurship.

While having women entrepreneurship as a main focus, she had been evaluated and made recommendations for plans for MSME development

Mrs Shah has developed variety of Women’s Enterprise Development modules for Economic Empowerment of women (poor, low income, educated etc) from urban/rural areas.

In the area of micro finance, Mrs Shah had developed strategic plans and have implemented credit programs for MSMEs and making Micro Finance institutions self-sufficient, by creating community based grassroots Micro Finance Institutions.

As a Micro Credit Management Specialist, she was involved in the micro credit delivery and credit management programs for rural women, evaluation of existing micro/small/medium enterprises and community development programs and developing new strategies for different target groups of women; facilitating community based organizations for micro finance delivery in urban slums, rural/tribal villages.

And, as a Small & Micro Enterprise Development Specialist, Mrs Shah was involved in the preparation of country profile and reports for suggesting plans to harness economic growth, through self-employment, entrepreneurship and income generation activities amongst women of different socio-economic background, for making women mainstream development partners with an aim of raising the standard of living of the population at large.

As an Economic Empowerment Specialist, she specialized in women development, training and teaching programs for women of all strata of the societies in Asian, African, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Lao’s, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Zambia, Tanzania, and Pacific countries. She was also involved in Institutional building for micro/small enterprise/business promotion.

Mrs Shah has worked as an advisor and training faculty to various International, national, multilateral and bilateral development agencies like: The World Bank, United Nations organizations like UNDP; UNFPA; UNICEF; UNIFEM; ILO; UN-ESCAP, Canadian International Development Agency, United States Agency for International Development, GTZ, Commonwealth Secretariat, Foundation for Management Development-Japan etc.

Awards and Recognitions 

NABARD had recognized her efforts and work by awarding Mrs Shah for Outstanding Performance under SHG Bank Linkage Programme.

In the year 2003, she got SAKHI Award for Excellent performance in Entrepreneurship.

In 2001, she achieved the prestigious entrepreneur International award for global contribution in Women Entrepreneurship Development.

In the year 2000, Mrs Shah was announced as the woman of the Year award by American Biographical Institute, USA.

In 1997, ICECD was recognized as a Centre of Excellence by UN-ESCAP.


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