08 December 2019

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Excess bureaucratic formalities preventing women from being entrepreneurs: KCCI President G G M Prabhu

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GG Mohandas PrabhuG.G. Mohandas Prabhu, President of the Kanara Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) is basically a merchant into distribution of cattle and poultry feed for dairy and poultry farms. Running the business of Messrs. G G Srinivas, Prabhu is a sixth generation merchant in the Bunder area of Mangalore. He is a member of the Rotary for the past 23 years as also a Junior Chamber International member since 32 years.

In an exclusive interaction with SmallEnterpriseIndia, Mr Prabhu spoke at length about this brainchild of his, which was largely geared towards providing inputs to women entrepreneurs.

The excerpts of the interview:

1. Recently, your organization have conducted Strides 2011. What prompted you to have a seminar specifically for women entrepreneurs, which I understand is the first of its kind in 75 years by KCCI?

I have known Dr. Madhura Chatrapathy (well-known entrepreneur and ASCENT founder) for the past three decades. Whenever in Bangalore, I would talk to her about problems faced by women in business and after every interaction would come back enriched. The thought came across my mind to invite this wonderful trainer and her team to Mangalore to help women entrepreneurs. She was enthusiastic about the whole idea and agreed to give all help. In February we sat at Dr. Chatrapathy’s house where we discussed and planned the whole seminar. Then I spoke to Corporation Bank CMD Ramnath Pradeep on the issue, who without batting an eyelid agreed to sponsor the programme, as also take care of the required agenda and formalities.

2. What in your opinion is stopping or not motivating women to take up entrepreneurship?

Basically in South Kanara the educational level is good. Certainly, we have good many successful women professionals like brilliant engineers, doctors, advocates, CA’s. With regard to entrepreneurship, however family support is lacking. Unless the women themselves have the urge and the drive they do not take up this venture. Those females who are successful entrepreneurs are those who are self-motivated and those who are forced by economic compulsions to take it up. There are several hurdles in the path. There are so many formalities to be followed like project reports, costs, the numerous licenses and bureaucratic hurdles, all these dissuade women to take up entrepreneurship.

3. What do you hope to achieve from a seminar of this kind?

The challenge before KCCI was to organize a seminar with hardly any woman entrepreneurs in the databank. In the Chamber rooster there are barely 20 woman entrepreneurs as against 1300 male entrepreneurs. To deal with this problem, I decided to call a press conference. At the press meet I placed my cards before the media and told them honestly that we have no database of women entrepreneurs in South Kanaara and needed their help to reach out to them.  Give us wide publicity otherwise this show will be a flop. The media reacted admirably and the result is visible in the response we got to the seminar. It was beyond our expectation; we were in-fact overwhelmed. We had expected about 60 to 70 women entrepreneurs but we got more than 100 participants. Basically it helped to brush their skills and learn about the various concepts of management. Hope the women who attended gleaned enough from the workshop and are motivated and driven to achieve more in their career.


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