08 December 2019

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Inspire women entrepreneurs by empowerment & enablement: Dr. Madhura Chatrapathy

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Dr. Madhura Chatrapathy A food technologist by profession and owner of Food Associates Bangalore, Dr. Madhura M Chatrapathy is truly a multi-faceted personality. She is the founder of premier institutions such as Association of Food Scientists & Technologies (AFST), Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Karnataka (AWAKE) and currently the Trustee Director of Asian Centre for Entrepreneurial Initiatives (ASCENT). Her pioneering work in the field of entrepreneurship has earned her several accolades nationally and globally.

Dr Chatrapathy provides guidance and advice to entrepreneurs and institutions in Africa, Asia and other developing nations. She has conducted training workshops in more than forty countries. She is also the co-author of several books on entrepreneurship. She was the first to initiate a business incubator in the country. She is on the board of several prestigious entrepreneurial bodies in the country.

Currently, she is on the governing board of RUDSET Institute of Dharmasthala. Due to her immense contribution in the entrepreneurial sphere, she has been showered with several awards and encomiums both from the State and Central Govt. as also from abroad.

“Women don’t know, there are so many opportunities that they are not even aware of,” thus spoke Dr Chatrapathy at the workshop cum seminar on entrepreneurship for women, “STRIDES 2011 — Opportunities for women in service and trading enterprises” conducted by Corporation Bank jointly with Kanara Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI); and Asian Centre For Entrepreneurial Initiatives (ASCENT).

According to Dr Chatrapathy other than traditional fields like manufacturing, opportunities abound everywhere for women entrepreneurs which they are totally unaware of.  There are terrific opportunities in construction and building material segment, medical transcription field, securities sector; IT based industries, online trading, electronic commerce which is a big opportunity, among others. “Women entrepreneurs must try to look at opportunities in trading and services too,” she advised.

She gave some examples. One was that of 22-year-old female entrepreneur who she met in Hubli who had set up a security services company. She talked of a woman entrepreneur from Bangalore, who had started a service for the upkeep of ISKCON temple and the Tirupati Tirumala temple in Vyalikaval. She then questioned that are not women missing such opportunities available and not even thinking of such business ideas.

According to Dr Chatrapathy a proper data bank on women entrepreneurs has till date not been compiled, without which it would be impossible to get women entrepreneurs into the mainstream. In this context, she said she knew of a businesswoman running a food-joint, from which she earned Rs. 20,000 per day. Yet she didn’t have a bank account nor did she pay any income-tax. It very crucial to bring this type of women entrepreneurs into the mainstream business, she opined.

When asked about her mantra to boost women entrepreneurs, her answer was very simple but effective. She said the twin principles of empowerment and enablement will go a long way in inspiring women entrepreneurs to give off their best. When asked as to what the seminar ‘Strides 2011’ would do for women entrepreneurs, especially in a city like Mangalore Chatrapathy said that this was merely a trigger to get them going, as the latent talent is very much inherent in them. This seminar will give those aspiring entrepreneurs the confidence to start something. She informed that she is there for counseling, hand-holding, guiding and mentoring aspiring women and youth in entrepreneurship.  We are always there to help them, whenever it is required, she promised.

Dr Chatrapathy’s forte is entrepreneurial development and she passionately promotes such culture in the country. She has made a huge difference in the lives of multitudes of men and women through her work. Her guiding vision is to have a better society where both the sexes work towards the over-all good of humankind. Most importantly, through her initiative women from different strata of society have found the support, strength and encouragement to reach their true potential.

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