14 December 2019

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Tanya Kothari: The Creative Entrepreneur

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How would you envisage a dream – come –true birthday party?  Ask Tanya Kothari, CEO of Kiddoscope, to organize a beautiful , never – to- be – forgotten party on your birthday, and truly , it would be one exactly like what you had always dreamed of having, a most memorable and long cherished  birthday  party... Young , bubbly, ambitious and a creative cookie- that’s what Tanya is.

While studying for her corporate secretary ship (BCS) at MOP Vaishnav college in Chennai, she was invited to compere for a function and to be a DJ . She thoroughly enjoyed it but she felt that the event could have been better organized, and she said so to her event manager. He was impressed and he invited her to work part time at his company. She agreed and continued there for two years. In the mean time, he invited her to be a partner, and her father invested six lakhs into this venture.

 The partnership was a huge success  and they hosted  great shows like  the Shekhar Suman Show, Anupam Kher Show. But this partnership was short lived.

 It was at this juncture, that T.T.Rangarajan of Alma Mater suggested that she start organizing  birthday parties. With support and encouragement from her parents, Kiddoscope was launched  with an initial investment  of Rs 4500, most of which was spent on  registering the company. After having seen for herself what had transpired at  the event management company, she was particular that  none of her clients  ever  have to  suffer on her account.” To this day, none of my payments have been pending  and everything is up to date|”- asserts Tanya.

 Her experience in corporate event management for companies  such as Club Mahindra, HDFC,  and Titan  stands her in good stead  even to this day. Tanya got a hundred posters printed, advertising  Kiddoscope  and pasted  them on walls around the city, all by herself. Next she organized promos in schools.  Her specialty lies in organizing thematic parties for children and adults alike. The Harry Potter party involved a fire- eater,  juggler, magic show,  and even a game of Quidditch. The décor for this party was in gold and black, with a kiddie disco thrown in, a 30 kg cake and personalized mugs as take- home gifts for all the kids.

 A party with a spider man theme involved  spider webs adorning  the hotel walls,  colour theme  of red and blue,  creepers on trees for the kids to swing from,  and a screen projector  which  beamed games  during the  party. Tanya makes sure that all who come to her parties get totally involved. She makes sure that there are games even for one and a half  year old kids  and for the grandpas too.
 Tanya  takes time to talk to the birthday  kids  and glean information  regarding  their interests   and   favorite themes. She takes care of  all the aspects of a party  from the décor, to the food, to the invitations.

Tanya gives the parents a choice of three concepts and when they choose one from those, she brainstorms and draws up all her creative and innovative skills to make it a run away success. “ One kid was fond of trains and I organized a Polar  Express party  with a 22 feet long  train adorning the  drawing room , and  the attendants were all attired  like Santa’s helpers; the invites  wee printed like railway tickets!”- she smiles.
For naming ceremony she decided on a Krishna theme. That included  rangoli on the floors, prints of  peacock feathers,  flutes across  the walls  and a ten feet  painting of Lord Krishna. Drums  built upto a crescendo  as the ritual reached its climax- remembers Tanya nostalgically.

‘It all depends on the budget “– affirms Tanya. She admits that her birthday parties are expensive but….” I take all the hassles off your shoulders and provide quality. All the parents have to do is appear fifteen minutes before the party. I even decide on the clothes for the birthday baby and the parents too.” A birthday party costs approximately around 15000-30000, and for theme parties, Rs 5000 ( non refundable) is charged up front.

‘The common man is more flexible and wants the best for  his child. With both parents working, they cannot afford to  spend quality  time with their  kids. So they are keen on making their kids; birthdays memorable’. Tanya organizes around  8-10 birthday parties  a month and aspires to organize 365 birthday parties in a year. She plans to expand to all districts of Tamil Nadu, and neighbouring states of Kerala and Karnataka

 Melange is a highly specialized organization of wedding planners, run ably by Tanya Kothari herself. When you entrust planning a wedding to Melange, you can sit back, relax and do what’s  really important-  enjoy your wedding day.  Designer weddings are Melange’s  forte and they design  the entire  wedding   around a central theme or colour. ‘We take care  of everything , from helping the bride choose  her trousseau, choose the priest  to perform the ceremony , from ushering  in the guests  and hosting the  wedding function  to every  last detail  at the  reception  venue.

Tanya co-ordinates everything   personally and has handled wedding receptions  for up to 3000 people  which is usually a minimum! Melange’   can even arrange for a personal dance choreographer to train  enthusiastic  families  who want to  provide  entertainment  personally! It doesn’t stop here…… Melange’ is a one – stop place for house warming  ceremonies, inaugurations, naming ceremonies, .. the list is endless.

‘An entrepreneur should never give up and must have guts to face losses too. In March, April and May,   due to recession, we had practically no business.  But my employees were all paid and now we are back in the fray, with lots of events planned each day. Entrepreneurship is not only about profits, its also about losses, affirms  Tanya.





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