18 July 2018

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Nadira Harris: The 'Ace' Lady Entrepreneur

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Nadira Harris is a charming and dynamic lady, who has her goals set high. ‘Soar sky high, so that you may at least fall on the tree tops’ this adage comes to mind when talking to this charming young mother cum innovative entrepreneur. Amidst bringing up three little kids and managing her firm, Nadira effortlessly manages to remain calm, cool and collected, staying focused on her goal of making this world a better place to live in. An eco friendly environ is what she aspires to create and promote.

Basically from Thalasseri in Kerala, Nadira grew up in Chennai as her father had his business flourishing here. After graduating in literature from Ethiraj College, Chennai, Nadira got married to Mr. Harris Abdullah, who is a beacon of strength and encouragement to her entrepreneurial ventures.  She initially wanted to venture into promoting service apartments, but later on she decided that she wanted to involve herself in a venture that would ultimately make a difference to the society and benefit the world at large.

At this point of time, Nadira came across a German product, the Ace energy saver. “Electricity for air conditioning accounts for more than fifty percent of monthly electricity bills. And the potential for energy saving is very high indeed. The air conditioning systems are usually designed to cope with the extreme cooling demands of the few hottest days in a year. For the most part, this maximum output is not required and these huge systems are over sized, causing huge wastage of energy”- explains Nadira. “The Ace energy saver detects inefficiency and helps to save energy in a very cost effective manner and no compromise is made in cooling comfort”- she continues. “ Ace energy saver is an electronic control device that helps to save about thirty percent on your air conditioning costs” .Nadira promotes this device in a big way and gives a free “ green test” for all her clients, to demonstrate the efficiency and efficacy of the product.

“The Ace energy saver contributes to a healthier living environment by reducing your carbon foot print. It helps save a significant portion of your electricity bill. And it helps save it whenever your air conditioner is running. It hardly requires any additional maintenance or monitoring. The Ace energy saver also helps prevent icing of the compressor and features a built in anti short cycling protection helping to increase the life of the air conditioner “- clarifies Nadira.

Totally into promoting energy conservation products, Nadira has a penchant for spotting those gadgets which are innovatively manufactured and go a long way in conserving energy. She has solar water heaters and clay products, that a re healthy and clean and also, aid in conserving energy. Eco friendly pressure cookers, clay tavas, and an eco friendly fridge too, a fridge that works on practically no electricity.

“A friend of mine had met one Mr. Mansookh of Gujarat, a layman, whose family was into manufacturing clay products. He has ingeniously devised a clay fridge. I help to promote his products by marketing it and letting the world know, the myriad ways in which energy can be conserved”-Nadira. The fridge is fully made of clay and works ingeniously on the system of natural cooling. It just requires to be filled with ten liters of water in the top portion of the fridge. You can easily preserve fruits and vegetables for a week, milk and curd for a day.”- Nadira.

The non stick clay tava helps to reduce twenty five percent of gas usage. Made of clay, these non stick tavas are durable, with healthy food grade coating, and adds a unique taste to food.

Nadira’s passion for promoting energy conservation and eco friendly products does not end here. She sells a very unique water purifier that can even purify Thums Up! Pour it into a water purifier and it comes out as pure water in no time!

An enthusiastic Nadira then introduced us to a very unique and eco friendly mosquito repellant. It is smoke free, absolutely shock proof, requires no refilling and emanates no odors too. “It’s an advance technology eco friendly mosquito killer. It attracts mosquitoes from long distances with the help of a strong suction. The mosquitoes are then trapped by the machine. When people breathe, they exhale water vapor too. Each small amount of water attracts these mosquitoes as it would mean possible blood source or breeding site. Just switch on the machine an hour before going to bed. Provide complete darkness to the room for 30 minutes and be assured of a peaceful night, without mosquito bites. It acts as a bed lamp too”- assures Nadira.

Her constant passion for the betterment of the world by offering eco friendly products has motivated her to get in touch with little known manufacturers of eco friendly products and takes it up on herself to promote and market it big time. Of late, she has discovered a herbal mosquito repellant patch.” Just tear off the foil and take out the mosquito repellant patch from the attached sheet. Stick it on clothes, blankets, shit collars, trousers, beds, pillows or anywhere you deem fit. It stays effective or 72 hours. When not required, peel back and keep inside tin foil for later use. “

An eco friendly society, ken on conserving energy- that is her goal, states a charming and pleasant Nadira. Here’s hoping Nadira Harris succeeds in her unique and noble venture.

Nadira can be contacted at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , and her number is 09841383719.

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