11 December 2019

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Anuradha Babu: A New Age Metaphysicist

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Ms. Anuradha Babu is the personification of friendliness and good cheer. She is a qualified industrial engineer, born and brought up in Chennai, but based at Mumbai now. Anuradha‘s father was an industrialist and a good numerologist too. On completion of her degree in engineering, she set up her own electronics firm at Mysore. She did extremely well and received the Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Award  from none other than Mr. Manmohan Singh.

 Her life changed course once she got married and shifted base to Mumbai. Anuradha had no time for entrepreneurship anymore and devoted her entire days to being a home maker. “I received ample guidance and support from my dad and my brothers to run my factory and I enjoyed it, but Mumbai was a totally new experience. I had to learn a lot of things, revamp my whole life, right from learning Hindi to making tea” laughs Anuradha. “Initially I felt totally put off. Then I slowly realised that my spirit of entrepreneurship has to be applied to my personal life too and that I should not get bogged down. I am an industrial engineer from the Indian Institute of Industrial Engineering. There I had learned to handle men and machines, and also how to handle problems. I applied the same principles to my life.”

It was after her marriage that she got totally involved in psychology, numerology and color therapy. “My in-laws used to give a lot of importance to chanting shlokas, mantras, Vedas etc. I too got intrigued, read and researched extensively on these. “- affirms Anuradha .She started guiding a lot of people. She discovered too that color and gems play a vital role in the lives of people and delved deeply into the technical and logical aspects of color and gems.

Initially Anuradha experimented with her own family and found that they made a lot of significant progress. “I learnt that tarot is the mother of numerology and there are reasons to believe that tarot has its origins in India. A friend of mine, who had benefited greatly from my advice, forced me to learn tarot. I was under the impression that it is a gypsy kind of thing “. But as the saying goes, when the student is ready, the teacher appears, Anuradha was forced to meet someone who taught her tarot reading in just three days!

 Anuradha decided to improvise on her tarot spread. She worked to innovate on the mutual attraction spread; block spread and analysed the reasons for it and how it could be rectified. The entrepreneurial spirit in her was rekindled and she decided to be different in all aspects. “It’s difficult to run a factory in Mumbai and now I am a mother and a home maker too. Hence my priorities have changed. It was at this time, that my extensive interest, study and research in numerology, astrology and tarot supported me to set up a consultancy entirely my own, right here at Mumbai. ‘- smiles Anuradha. She not only practices astrology, numerology and tarot reading but has diversified extensively to include mudra techniques, gemology, color therapy, counseling, acupressure and a lot more.

 “Tarot is a mix of astrology and numerology and it’s more powerful too. Even when a person picks up a card, they pick it up based on the aura of the person. Metaphysics can be felt like a gentle breeze.  . I am striving to find ways to establish metaphysics into practicality.”- explains Anuradha.” Women have a lot of personal issues to be resolved. Psychiatrists treat only the patient but the family ambience or situation remains the same, and the patient reverts back to the same situation. As a met physicist, I strive to create a conducive family ambience “- explains Anuradha.

 She has her own consultancy office at Mumbai by the name IMPACKT. Anuradha counsels and offers advice on vaastu queries too. “Vaastu shastra is unique to our country. It’s all about adjusting the energy centres in the apartment or living place. My clients range from busy executives, corporate heads to housewives, who all need advice and help to achieve their goals. I just use a metaphysical approach to solve problems- “explains Anuradha.

“The Lalitha Sahasranamam and Vishnu Sahasranamam have lots of powerful affirmations in them. For non – Hindus and Parsis, I prescribe affirmations in English. My ultimate aim is to help my clients be happy and prosperous. Each temple, mosque and church or gurudwara are closely linked to planets. I try to get people to come out of their phobias and give them logical answers. “

Being of a scientific bend of mind, Anuradha approaches problems of all her clients from a logical point of view. Her youngest client is just four years old and the oldest is seventy years of age. She tries to strike at the root of the cause. Anuradha practices acupressure too and opines that it is one of the branches of ayurveda. “For every disease, there is an attitude attached to it. Negative people become easy victims to diabetes. Incidentally, I do a lot of chakra balancing too. Pancreas is one of the chakras. The thyroid and pituitary glands denote Shiva and Shakthi’. Lack of joy in life, childhood insecurities and lack of love pave way to hypotension or low blood pressure to manifest. ‘- Anuradha
 With her form “IMPACKT”, may she continue impacting lives in myriad ways, over years to come. Anuradha can be contacted: 09321214357 or 09321214356

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