Ambika Govind: An Aesthetic Entrepreneur


Ambika Govind is an enterprising  interior decorator based at Banglore. Just into her late twenties, she already has her own interior decorating firm and with a lot of projects to her credit, which keeps her extremely busy.

Getting her to talk to us was a tall task, since she was under pressure to complete a few of her recent projects. A very gracious and charming lady, she found time to talk to Small Enterprise India, regarding her meteorical success.

Ambika finished schooling at Sophia Girls High School, Bangalore, and graduated in psychology, sociology and economics from Mount Carmel college. After graduation, she realized that she needed to pursue her artistic inclination, and enrolled for a year long course in interior decoration with Interiors Exteriors, run by Pedilite, makers of Fevicol. Ambika interned for a year under Mrs. Smitha Shetty, a renowned interior decorator based at Bangalore, and who is also a very close family friend.  Mrs. Shetty started offering her parts of an entire project, for instance, a room, to begin with. She was impressed by Ambika’s natural flair, efficiency and aesthetic sense, and started offering her entire projects to be completed.

Ambika gained immense confidence in her to strike out on her own and now has her own interior decorating firm, in her own name. She has her own team of contractors and vendors to assist her in her projects. Over the past seven years, she has successfully completed several projects to her credit. Ambika takes up projects strictly through referrals, and rarely for walk in customers. She is very particular that, at a time, she would not venture into more than three assignments. Each assignment takes her approximately three months to complete, and she believes that, client satisfaction and quality service deserve top priority.

Initially, she procured financial assistance from her father, to set up the firm. Now, after seven years, Ambika is truly the epitome of a woman entrepreneur, who has really made it big on her own, due to patience, commitment, dedication and hard work”. Interior decoration includes flooring, electrical work, plumbing, wall treatments, whether textured or wall papered, curtaining, tiling, in short, every tiny aspect of a home is looked into, through careful planning. A lot of creativity is involved in this.” says Ambika.” It further includes soft furnishing. Lighting, selection of lampshades, murals, photo frames, and even selection of bed linen too.

Based on a client’s budget and preference, she assigns work to her vendors and contractors, who complete the project under her strict supervision and guidance. Each day, she puts in six to seven hours of work. Initially, she had worked long and tedious hours, training her team to perfection. Now, she has immense confidence in them that they will be able to deliver according to client preference, with less supervision, and she dares to diversify and find time to capitalize on her other artistic pursuits: painting murals, designing lampshades, and designing onyx jewellery.

Dabbling in stained glass was initially a hobby. Now, it’s a passion, and painting glass murals and lampshades for her clients gives her a decidedly added advantage over other interior decorators .Its a painstaking hobby which requires a lot of time and intense concentration, but one which is truly satisfying for the artistically inclined. No doubt, Ambika is decidedly one.

Ambika’s artistic imagination does not stop with just decorating homes or painting murals. Her love for colours and creating tapestries out of them, inspired her to put together or rather, design onyx jewellery. She has successfully conducted several exhibitions so far, with a large and ever growing clientele repeatedly approaching her for more of her intricately designed jewellery. She sketches out the designs and sends them to the craftsmen at Jaipur. They, based on her designs, procure for her the right onyx stones, string them in silver strands, and send them back to her. They are in constant touch with her, and keep her informed of the available onyx stones .Black onyx is one of the rarest and most precious. Designed and strung in silver, it easily can be priced at Rs 3000 per piece. Bracelets, simple chains, in intricate designs, ear rings, studs, are those designed exclusively by Ambika.

Her latest exhibition was held at The Women Overseas Club, Banglore. , and the proceeds of the sale were donated towards charity.

Ambika is adept at terracotta modeling too. She has professionally trained under the famous artist, Ganesh Mishra. All these make her a much sought after interior decorator. For each client she works with, she keeps in mind their colour preference, ambience, and accordingly guides and advises them, providing personalized service. “I adopt a give and take attitude; I want my clients to be happy and relaxed in the ambience of their homes. That’s what makes me feel truly happy, knowing that I have helped to make real homes for my clients”_ smiles cute and pretty Ambika.

Ambika is truly a courageously creative entrepreneur, who has dared to follow her heart, and make a lucrative profession out of her artistic inclinations.