08 December 2019

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Meracareer.com: ‘Click’ Your Way to the Dream Career!

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To carve a niche in one’s career is every one’s dream. This dream comes true for Surabhi when she started meracareerguide.com, an online portal that helps others to find out suitable careers!

Surabhi talks about her venture meracareerguide.com to Small Enterprise India: “What makes us different from any other career or educational website is we offer a very personalised approach. Students can  access information and mentorship at anytime from anywhere”.  She added that they provide a need based approach. This approach helps students easily understand how to use information they receive. “We have given utmost importance to the fact that contents remain scannable and are in chunk format to ensure that it is easily comprehensible and not overwhelming” said Surabhi.

The core construct of meracareerguide.com is based on career decision algorithm to engage student in this process at early stage in order to get benefits of planning ahead.

The entrepreneurship bug bit Surabhi when she was at Pilani. She recalls Dr. L.K Maheswari Vice Chancellor, BITS-Pilani stating “Don’t to be a job hunter but be a job provider. Create opportunity which can generate 50 employments."

When one builds a business one doesn't build one’s own dreams but along with it are dreams of individuals; and their families; they employ. She recalls the jubilent reaction of her eployees when she issued the paycheck  to them. Their eyes were twinkling while holding the cash. Each one had a lovely thought of spending the money. Many of them were planning to buy  gifts for their family members with their first salary!

I remember when I got my job offer; I was so delighted and felt a sense of achievement. I want more people to acheive this.

Education has been the area of interest for Surabhi. This she finds her niche in starting an educational portal that would help  shape careers for many.

She says that the biggest challenge so far has been of team building. A start up’s biggest asset is the founders and the team. To build a team which lives the same dream and has the same passion as the founder is essential. In initial days there was a certain set of people with her for the venture, but slowly their priorities differing.So re-building a team with complimentary skill sets and the same frequency match was the most difficult task. But she has been lucky that today she has a team which has given its best and dealt with all odd situations with tremendous positivity. Also, they boost her morale.

Seed capital for the company

Surabhi started building meracareerguide.com, when she was working as a design engineer with a semiconductor company. The income from this job helped her to raise money for the product development, and to meet other expenses. Help also came from co-founders and family.

What drives her to stay buckled

It’s the passion that keeps her going!! As an entrepreneur there are many distractions and these distractions are enough to kill startups. Regular jobs appear lucrative as they promise steady income.  But she feels that life is all about doing what you love and love what you do! She loves her work so much that working for long hours at a stretch never bothers her. It’s like a hobby class! This is what  she is even trying to promote through meracareerguide.com - Choose a job that you like and you will never have to turn back in your professional life!


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