15 September 2019

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When Kunjana Parekh stepped into her family business, she had a different plan

Founded by Kunjana Parekh along with her brother Anirudh ‘Solefry’ took shape last year under their existing family run company. Their family has been in the shoe business since the last 40 years.

Graduated from Northwestern University, Kunjana headed to London for her Masters. She had experimented with different subjects and interests, but understood that she wanted to come back to India to take the family business forward. But instead of joining the main stream export part, she wanted to bring their products to the local market.  Having studied and lived abroad, she and Anirudh had indulged in a lot of online shopping. “It is so easy, convenient and there’s so much more variety. Even though I was in Chicago, I barely got time to go downtown and shop every time I required something. And so we used the same logic here” she says.

“From a very young age, I started understanding and noticing details in shoes and till date when someone walks into the room, the first thing I notice is the shoes they're wearing” says Kunjana. “Many do not have access to well designed leather shoes, and those who do may not have the time to go and shop for them. To reach out to this group of women, we decided that online is the way for us to start Sole Fry” she says about her concept.

Being in the export business, the designs have been selected by their customers in Italy, UK, France, Belgium etc. They also use extremely high quality genuine leather and accessorise the shoes with high quality crystals sourced from abroad. And they have focussed on making the brand more quality conscious rather than price conscious. They are also offering warranty on shoes, which is something new!

Currently, Solefry have about 8,500 visits a month and about 45 customers with an average 2 products in their shopping baskets. They are aware this is on the lower side, but have been achieved this without any advertising and simply through word of mouth and social media.

The biggest challenge according to Kunjana is that Indian women have very oddly sized feet. “Their length is one size and fit is another size and this makes them a little weary of buying shoes through the internet”. Understanding this as a valid concern they have come up with solutions. “We provide free returns and exchanges on all our products”. In case of a return, after a quick quality check, they will return the entire money to the customer. Or they even customize the shoe to your specific size.

Kunjana envisions Sole Fry as an established luxury shoe brand with an online as well as a physical presence across the country within next two years. Currently they are shipping within India only abut looks forward for international shipping within a couple of months. There are many requests from countries like Australia, UAE and America. Some conventional brick-and-mortar stores across the country are also on her agenda.

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