23 February 2020

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The Art of Beautifying

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From the humble beginnings in by lanes of a Delhi suburb to one of the leading beauty clinics in India, ALPS Beauty clinic has come a long way. Epitomizing the fact that sheer hard work and determination can bring about a positive change in the business world, Alps beauty clinic is not only one of the most popular beauty clinics in Delhi but have also endowed the education industry with a chain of beauty academies, individually titled, “Alps Academy - A Premier Institute for Complete Skin, Hair and Makeup”. Alps is currently headed by Ishika Taneja, it’s Director, and was a brainchild of her parents From its one room location in the suburb of Vikaspuri in New Delhi, Alps today has transformed to a multi-dimensional conglomerate.



Business Overview of ALPS:

Alps have a well refined beauty clinic along with a chain of beauty academies, offering education and jobs to a number of young people. According to Ms. Taneja, "we managed to play a decent role in bringing beauty care affordable to everyone. No wonder, we became a household name in the capital, rapidly expanding our horizons to other cities as well". ALPS provide a one-stop-shop for all the beauty needs of a woman. So, be it their beauty clinics to serve your skin and hair demands, the nail art studio, bridal studios, or permanent makeup centers – all of these, offer services for the clients, reveals Ms. Taneja with pride.

Product Line Available at ALPS:

Apart from its beauty clinic business, Alps offer several certificate courses, diploma and PG diploma courses in various subjects of beauty, hair and makeup. It also imparts the knowledge and experience of the beauty trade from its 9 academies located in and around Delhi-NCR. Alps has also been inventing, manufacturing and re-inventing an assorted range of beauty products to serve the demands of its clients. Their aromatic range of products are nature-based and scientifically tested to fulfill the demands of everyone says the young director. Alps had recently introduced our new range of tailor-made products that – especially and specifically designed for a client’s individual need and preferences. “Our bridal studio endows head-to-toe international standard bridal services – pre-bridals and bridal makeup – including all what’s latest in bridal trends for adorning our cherished brides” says Ms. Ishika.

Marketing Plans and Schemes:

“Marketing should rather be called customer satisfaction for me; as it being a service-based industry – we can’t achieve paramount of success without fulfilling the demands of our clients” says Ms. Ishika. The company works on world of mouth publicity as it has clients of three generations from same families coming to its beauty clinics. As part of its aggressive marketing plans, Alps focus on area-specific marketing. For example, for the women in South Delhi, comprising majority of the working-women class, so they’ve come up with services that are technologically advanced, and hence saves a lot of time for the ladies. Similarly, for North Delhi ladies, they offer pocket-friendly services and products –as these mostly include the herbal housewives. “We have, likewise developments for school and college going girls as well” reveals Taneja.

Finances and Funding:

Alps and Alps academy are self funded ventures and the company has been doing well on the financial front as it expands base from beauty business to education and academy and beauty related products. As of now all ALPS business activities are self reliant and self compliant.

Roadblocks in the Indian Beauty Sector:

There is a huge gap of skilled professionals to cater the demands of the industry and the ones who are available are not very much skilled and therefore, lag behind on quality. Beauty sector is a people’s industry. It is created, run and flourished by and for the people itself. “Therefore, after analyzing the situation, it can be said that the work force in the beauty sector is very less; and those who are there, are not qualified enough to perfectly satisfy the demands of the clients” says the young director Ms. Ishika.

Challenges of Being a Woman Entrepreneur:

“For me being a woman entrepreneur has always been a boon; and not challenging at all. The reason I see behind this is that my industry is very women-oriented and therefore, being a woman in face helped me to understand and cater to their demands in a better way” reveals Ms. Taneja. Being in an industry like beauty, offers to full-on opportunities to show her imagination and turn each woman into a diva. On a personal level, her things are sailing in a smooth manner, and as she is not married, “do not have to struggle to balance the things out between work and home” says Ishika with a soft grin.

The Road Ahead:

Ishika believes in working hard at the moment and leaving rest to the God; “Hoping we will only flourish; I would like to keep my hard work on” signs off Ishika with a smile.

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