14 December 2019

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Placing Uttrakhand on the Boutique Business Roadmap

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Unlocking the immense potential in Uttrakhand's real estate and infrastructure segment, SN Group has been a pioneer in the boutique business sector of the state. Consisting of an assimilation of infrastructure and hospitality companies, SN Group started successfully conceptualizing boutique residential projects in the state capital of Dehradun. The brainchild of Ms. Nazia Izuddin a Harvard University graduate and Mr. Sachin Upadhaya the Managing Director of the group, SN Group is driven with its motto of bringing the world to Dehradun and of taking Dehradun to the world. Armed by its core philosophy of providing socio-economic development in a holistic and people-centric way, concepts at SN Group beautifully integrate community participation through innovative opportunities.


From the group's inception in 2010, SN group has a number of landmark feathers in its boutique business cap. The group is engaged in developing Aures Valley, one of the largest residential developments in Dehradun spreading across 40 acres and Kervan Hills, a farmhouse community in the Mussoorie foothills apart from other projects. Previous successful boutique projects executed to perfection by SN group include the World Integrity Centre, a socio cultural centre and recreational club on Rajpur Road and Le Club, a Fine Dining Restaurant at World Integrity Center (WIC).

In her role as President of SN Group, Nazia believes “in creating projects which bring with them an aesthetic connect”.  The Group spearheads innovative, new and interesting ideas that best narrate a holistic lifestyle experience. All the projects whether Residential or Recreational aim at creating a direct connection with the client and the product and thereby enrich people's life experiences.

Offering a Holistic Well Being Product:

One of the biggest strengths of SN group is the unique product offering making it a unique concept for the state of Dehradunsays Ms. Izuddin, the founder of SN Group”. "Each of our projects is created and crafted along the client experience methodology. We want our clients to experience holistic well-being and satisfaction with products that are colored in the combined essence of nature and luxury," she continues.

The group made a conscious decision to locate its headquarters in Dehradun, the capital of Uttrakhand as it understood the immense potential of the boutique business segment in the region.

Marketing Strategies of SN Group:

Innovative products calls for innovative marketing strategies but SN Group made sure that all their marketing plans made them appear truthful and focused to their potential clients. As per MS. Izzudin, “most brands in real estate resonate with largesse. We as a brand represent the client’s larger dreams and aspirations, and hence want to be the client’s shadow". With a heart and soul of a multinational corporation and commitment and sincerity of a mom and pop ice-cream shop, SN group continues to offer lifestyle changing experience for its clients.

Market Competition Scenario:

Ms. Izzudin is quite sure that the introducing of new idea from companies like SN group would auger well for the overall growth of the Indian real estate industry. Most developers do not care for the nuances and try and create a one-size fits all product. With time they are likely to understand the importance of holistic living and work in collaboration with companies like SN group offering dedicated lifestyle solutions.

Challenges and Roadblocks:

“Receptiveness of authorities to new ideas and concepts is a challenge in the Indian market” says Nazia. “Creativity is shunned and people like to replicate what they have seen in other places or markets. There is no desire to be original and unique feel” she continues. But on the brighter side of things, the demand remains high and as per SN group's core philosophy of offering dedicated and committed solutions in holistic wellbeing, the world of opportunities is far greater than roadblocks and challenges.

Future Growth Prospects:

The prospects of boutique business in India have a massive upside, with an ever increasing demand for affordable and luxury housing. As per Ms. Izzudin's assessment, "the need for housing and the need for safe investments are two factors that fuel and will continue to fuel India’s real estate market. The demand for housing is real. This demand will only rise in times to come. "


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