08 December 2019

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Faiz Askari, Editor-Technology, Small Enterprise India.com

Eugene KasperskyLaunching a licensed product in cooperation with Ferrari is part of Kaspersky Lab’s global brand development strategy for the consumer market.

The product contains Kaspersky Lab’s cutting-edge security technologies, accompanied by an attractive “Ferrari-style” interface. Introducing a co-branded product to the market, Mr. Eugine Kaspersky, Co-Founder and CEO of Kaspersky Labs exclusively interacted with Faiz Askari, Editor-Technology, Small Enterprise India.com and unleashed his company’s latest branding with the speed and style icon Ferrari.


Kaspersky has indulged in interesting and sometimes really innovative sports endorsements. What has been your experience so far in partnering with Ferrari for the Formula One 2011 racing season in Melbourne?
Partnering with Ferrari for the Formula One Racing season is indeed a great moment for us. We have also announced the release of special edition of Kaspersky Internet Security in partnership with Scuderia Ferrari. The product was officially launched during end of March 2011 at the start of Formula One racing season in Melbourne (Australia).

This partnership has been made considering the interest of our KIS’s users who also happen to be Ferrari fans and other users everywhere who like their solutions fast-paced and different. However, Ferrari is a symbol of speed, reliability and world-class driving performance. Our Ferrari inspired style security product brings users a taste of that excellence when using their computers or browsing the Internet.

How did the Kaspersky–Ferrari relationship start?
The cooperation between Kaspersky Lab and Ferrari started in 2010 when Kaspersky Lab entered into a commercial sponsorship agreement with the Ferrari AF Corse team at the Le Mans racing series in France. After this successful debut, Kaspersky Lab decided to expand its partnership to include the Formula 1 championship.

In November 2010, Kaspersky Lab announced that it would be an official sponsor of the world-renowned Formula 1 racing team for the next two years. As part of the agreement, the Kaspersky Lab logo will appear on the Scuderia Ferrari team’s racing cars throughout the entire sponsorship period. This decision forms part of Kaspersky Lab’s global promotion strategy.

What is the target segment with the Ferrari edition of Karspersky product?
By launching Kaspersky Internet Security Special Ferrari Edition, we are targeting two major groups: Ferrari fans and gamers. The combined numbers of people within these two groups makes a project such as this of strategic importance to Kaspersky Lab.

Kaspersky Labs entered into India and within few months it has made its impact on the market. How has been your Indian experience so far?
We have received phenomenal response from the Indian market. We are not only excited from this market impact but we are paying huge attention to Indian market and other emerging markets. India is growing nation with a rapid pace.

Our expertise and understanding of information security differentiates us from the rest and our users understand this difference.

At the global level, what are the key USPs of Kaspersky products?
We dedicate huge resources into the research and development for newer product. We tend to invest proper resources in deriving innovation. We analyze the situations and security issues deeply enogh in order to tackle them carefully. This has led us into a thought leadership position.

Secondly and most importantly, when installed on your PC, Kaspersky Internet Security products ensures that you can work in a clean and secure environment, free from digital threats and unwanted information. Additionally, the solution gets on with the job without restricting users’ activities or requiring users to spend valuable time and resources maintaining the product’s performance.

The solution has been carefully designed to offer an optimal set of balanced technologies that are constantly being improved. However, if you are the sort of person that demands impressive results across the board when you drive or use your PC, then Kaspersky Internet Security Special Ferrari Edition offer added value.

Kaspersky Internet Security Special Ferrari Edition has all the functionality of Kaspersky Internet Security 2011, Kaspersky Lab’s most popular product ever. Moreover, thanks to the wealth of finely-tuned technology under the bonnet, Kaspersky Internet Security Special Ferrari Edition provides superb levels of security and usability, for minimal resource consumption.

Do you focus SMEs? What kind of security threats do SMEs face?
Yes, we cater to the SMEs segment. We have hosted security product portfolio which directly targets the security issues faced by a typical SME. In our business, SMEs are kept at an important category. We understand their requirements of scalability hence we have some appealing products for them. We value their trust on us.

Will you use the Ferrari partnership to promote your B2B product line as well?
Our partnership with Ferrari contributes greatly to Kaspersky Lab’s brand profile and has a strong influence on both the B2B and B2C segments. In the corporate sector, the partnership has already made a significant contribution, especially to our channel strategy as it increases loyalty among our existing business partners and helps to generate new business.

From a marketing perspective, partnership with Ferrari is a very strong tool in our arsenal and will be reflected in Kaspersky Lab’s B2B brand development strategy, but we are not ready to elaborate on this publicly at the moment.

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