08 December 2019

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Even  in this time of recession, Indian banks and financial institutions (FIs) are sitting on mountains of    money. Yet they slam doors on majority of small and medium entrepreneurs. Shocking, but they cannot help it.

Professionalism is the success mantra in the present cut-throat market. Controlled by central bank – Reserve Bank of India (RBI) - and monitored by several agencies including the government, banks and FIs play in a place where world financial sharks reached on the Indian shore along with the high tide of globalization, are on prowl just to swallow both healthy and weak desi players and thus to bring the market under their control.

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MSMEs play a huge catalytical role in the development process of our economy and funding the risk capital requirements of this sector through a vibrant SME Exchange model would help this sector which will eventually lead to higher governance standards in this industry.

It is been well understood that the contribution of Indian SME segment in the overall growth of India as a developing economy is immense. But having said this, there are certain issues and demands this segment has.While addressing the conference on SME Exchange organised by the Confederation ofIndian Industry in New Delhi, Dinesh Rai, Secretary, Ministry of Micro Small & Medium Enterprises,


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Confederation of Indian Industries(CII) emphasizes on the necessity of creating a SME Exchange for raising risk capital by the SMEs. It also opines that procurement incentives are a must to create synergies between small, medium and the large industry.

Government of India is all set to take measures on how it can further motivate the Indian micro, small and medium sized businesses. The MSME segment itself is pondering on various aspects for further expansion.


Golden Fibre Offers Golden Chance to Investors

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It is a criminal negligence. The Rs-6000-crore domestic coir market is left almost untapped. It is ten times bigger than the earning made form the coir export from the country. Yet coir firms are scrambling to grab overseas market without paying even a scant attention to the market at the door step.

“Of course, they are gravitated to the export market by the high profit margin mainly paid by the difference in exchange value in rupee-dollar rates. Exporters are paid in US dollars by their buyers and they convert it into rupee here for their domestic transaction.

Providing Top Notch Security in Style

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Faiz Askari, Editor-Technology, Small Enterprise India.com

Eugene KasperskyLaunching a licensed product in cooperation with Ferrari is part of Kaspersky Lab’s global brand development strategy for the consumer market.

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Social Entrepreneurship: A New Way Ahead

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Albert Einstein had said, ‘imagination is more important than knowledge’. Two recent meetings were demonstrative of the power to imagine, raising my optimism that the country’s future is in safe hands. First, I met Apurvaa, a brilliant Engineering graduate. She wanted to discuss her plans to do M.B.A. I asked her, “Why do you want to do an M.B.A.?”

“I want to augment my technical knowledge with M.B.A”. She answered instantly. “And what would you do after an M.B.A.?” I asked her to understand more. “I need hands-on experience to become a social entrepreneur”. As we discussed more, I realized Apurvaa was anEngineering graduate with a well-conceived career plan. Her concerns, and passion within her to achieve something significant in the social sector, were exceptional.

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