17 October 2018

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‘Mindset needs to change for better work efficiency’

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Mr Kamal GulatiCloud awareness is picking up quite well in India. Customers are realizing the value, flexibility and expertise of cloud that could be brought in the table. Adoption is bit early stage but should increase quite fast. Security of data & reliability of vendor providing service along with ease of usage and expansion have major factors. Discussing these issues Kamal Gulati, Head India Operations, Atempo exclusively interacted with Faiz Askari, Editor of Small Enterprise India(.)com.

Eye Opener on Office Communication: Redefining Emails

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Ajay DataIn today’s scenario, emails are considered to part of life. Businesses are running on emails. And in a study it is found that a typical entrepreneur usually spent more than three hours on checking emails.

Having said this, a growing SME must have to look at email as an important component of their day to day business activity.

Focusing only on offering specialized email solutions, Ajay Data, founder of Bharat Berry interacted exclusively with SmallEnterpriseIndia(dot)com and emphasized on the needs of advanced office communications.

Through the set of features, we deliver performance, time saving, easy admin, and advanced communication and sharing features which are kind of ‘must have’ for the organisations.

Using the Data, Intelligently

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While businesses are graduating rapidly and fast growth is happening, on the other side of it, this growth is resulting into a big challenge of -- the management of data growth.

Businesses specially from the SMB segment are struggling with a major issue of data storage. This is driving up the costs and decreases efficiency.

IPv6 - Powering the Next Generation Internet

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Manish DalalInternet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6), the next generation IP address standard, is expected to make its ‘test’ debut on 8 June 2011. Being hailed as the one of the most significant changes to the Internet’s addressing system since its inception, IPv6 is intended to supplement and eventually replace the IPv4 protocol most Internet services use to transact on the Internet today.

Why entrepreneurs must get attracted towards Google +

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Late June this year which is hardly two week back, Google unleashed “Google+. It’s a real-life sharing, rethought for the web. Although I got the invite last Friday and since last couple of days I have evaluated this new tool from the perspective of an entrepreneur who can use this for his business.

Google + has a strong appeal for the micro and small sized business owners. Although Google + is not a first social networking platform, we already have platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Orkut but the sole advantage of the new social platform (Google +) could be the fact that its new.

Drawing a Thin Line Between CIO & CFO

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The small businesses must have to act smartly. This smartness is needed in each and every action of business but when it comes to the management decisions, it becomes vital to look at the available resources and come up with a smart approach towards the live business issues for real business scenarios.

Although this is a versatile subject and have relevance in every aspect of business but in this article we focus on technology.

The ‘Join Me’ way of doing business

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Anil Sharma, Director Salea, LogMeInCollaboration is the way forward. In running a business successfully, collaboration with peers helps in taking quicker and better decisions. For SME set up this is a vital aspect to be looked upon. Anil Sharma, Director- Sales, LogMeIn India shared his thoughts exclusively with Faiz Askari, Editor, Small Enterprise India(dot) com. The company has categorized SMEs as it’s one of the major target segments. As the economy is coming out of recession, LogMeIn have seen that the SMEs are more willing to spend. It has also been observed that SME adoption of smart mobile devices and services are increasing at an even faster pace.

Straight from the Cricketing Entrepreneur

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Harsh JainIn India, Cricket is considered as an only uniting religion. Dream11.com gave this religion a fourth dimension by making the first graphical Fantasy Cricket Game. This digital cricket game is considered to be completely unique, engaging and user-friendly, which helped in increasing interest of cricket fans towards cricket gaming. As on date, around 6 Lakh registered users are already playing on Dream11.com

Harsh Jain, CEO of Dream11.com interacted exclusively with Faiz Askari, Editor of Small Enterprise India (dot) com and shared his experiences of being an entrepreneur in the digital gaming market and opportunities in this market.

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