16 July 2018

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Security Being on Hosted Model

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Hosted model for spam-filtering solution can help the small and medium sized business organisation in an exclusive manner as it can be tailor made, easy to maintain and service oriented in nature. However, a few aspects have to be carefully looked upon.

It has been advised to SMBs to attach a cost to the spam they receive from various sources of World Wide Web. Studies say that threats are continuously on the rise.

What is at high risk is the corporate data, however, barring large organisations where data security is high, Small and mid sized business falls under the danger  zone. Only right awareness and availability of right solution can help the SMBs to fight this growing information security threat. While highlighting this problem, the core question is ,what should be done to fight the information security threat which comes from email spam. 

So there is a huge demand for a common approach for spam filtering, that the SMB environment might or should adopt.

Hosted anti-spam solution is one of the most popular approaches in tackling spam.Most of the SMBs rely on this solution of managed filtering service.

Unsolicited email, or spam as it is more commonly referred to, is a problem for companies because of its ability to change regularly, inundate mailboxes with useless emails, affect employee productivity and pose a security risk. Over the past two years, companies have seen a huge increase in spam volumes and types. This points to the success registered by spammers to gain access to end-users’ mailboxes and, more importantly, their ability to bypass various security levels used to detect spam.

Speaking to a classic example of a services driven agency, Rajender Kumar, director of Addflash Solutions shares his views. “We run an advertisement and marketing agency with very important and high profile clients. Confidentiality and promptness are the key words to our business growth. We cannot afford to loose business due to our own infrastructure fault. So we felt the need of having a third party managed mail messaging security solution,”

Running a team of 25 people , in a place like Gurgaon, Haryana, Kumar believes that mobility plays an important tool in his business. Rajender added, “Our employees caries notebooks and deliver presentations at customer’s location. We require mobility at the same time reliability of service.”

Quick to deploy and user friendly

This kind of solution makes perfect relevance to a small business environment as hosted anti spam model does not require any hardware upgrade or software patches to apply or download.

At the most, what the IT administrator of the SMB organisation needs to do is an initial configuration of their mail systems to pipe all incoming e-mails directly to their hosted filtering service of choice, so as to avail the hosted anti spam model. Another key attraction of this model is it does not require much of maintenance from the end user’s side. Being a less maintenance driven solution and since it takes less time to deploy—this becomes very much appealing for the SMB business.

Being virus free

While it is unlikely that malware-infested e-mails that are already identified will be clicked by accident, it makes intuitive sense not to have any form of viruses on your computer if it can be helped. Sometimes it happens that the employees carry virus with them through his or her laptop, notebook or smart phone.  It is not feasible to restrict the movements of mobile workforce, neither these attacks can be ignored. The hosted anti-spam solution takes care of this issue as its ultimate aim is to deliver spam free service to the customer, come what may.

High reliability

Assuming that you run your own mail server, the use of a filtered e-mail service should help ensure that e-mails will not be lost if your SMB's mail server experiences an outage.  This is because cleansed e-mails are typically processed using a "store and forward" methodology. What it means is that e-mails will be safely "stored" by your hosted anti-spam solution provider until your mail server comes back online.

Bandwidth Protection

This is an important benefit that is not apparent unless one is familiar with how e-mail works in conjunction with DNS. Essentially, the "forwarding" of e-mails to any hosted anti-spam solution is achieved by modifying the MX record for the domain of your SMB. The result is that all e-mails to your domain will be delivered directly to your service provider. What this translates to is a reduction in the consumption of bandwidth by your mail server, since the spam mails would already have been removed from the incoming e-mails.

The rising tide of unwanted email threatens to swamp the inboxes and drown out the messages we want. All spam is irrelevant and intrusive but an alarming amount is offensive, fraudulent and illegal. And that's not all: spam is a burden to the person who gets it and the network of entities that deliver it.

Defining SLAs

There are few aspects on which SMBs need to be careful while choosing a hosted model of anti spam. The first and foremost is defining SLAs. At the time of selecting a solution, the service level agreement have to be filled carefully. It would not be wrong if the IT director or the IT head of SMB organisation consults with some of his own reliable source before actually siging off the SLA on such hosted model. This would help both the parties to define and understand the key deliverables.

Selecting a Module based Solution

The security of any organisation varies from the kind of threats it may be carrying. So in this front, the IT manager has to carefully assess the security requirements. Since the security challenges may vary from one environment to another the hosted solution should be offered as per the exact solution.


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