25 February 2020

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The ‘Join Me’ way of doing business

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Anil Sharma, Director Salea, LogMeInCollaboration is the way forward. In running a business successfully, collaboration with peers helps in taking quicker and better decisions. For SME set up this is a vital aspect to be looked upon. Anil Sharma, Director- Sales, LogMeIn India shared his thoughts exclusively with Faiz Askari, Editor, Small Enterprise India(dot) com. The company has categorized SMEs as it’s one of the major target segments. As the economy is coming out of recession, LogMeIn have seen that the SMEs are more willing to spend. It has also been observed that SME adoption of smart mobile devices and services are increasing at an even faster pace.

The interview excerpts:

  • Can you elaborate the utilities of collaboration technologies for a SME business?

Collaboration supports most core business activities today. An effective collaborative environment, aided by proper collaboration tools, can lead to dramatic increase in business value through more effective business processes. This is especially true with the SMEs as they do not have spending abilities like the large enterprises/ multi nationals. For Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) the ability to collaborate across the city, across the country, and across the globe is becoming increasingly important in the face of market globalization.

The major benefits that SMEs can accrue through collaboration technologies are reducing costs associated with travel, enhancing quality of business interactions, accelerating speed of decision making, and creating business agility.

  • What is the status of video based communications technologies in day to day business operations?

Video based communication technology is changing the very way businesses used to communicate with each other five years ago.  If adoption accelerates as the current trends demonstrate, it may be as commonplace as cell phones and Internet access. Video conferencing has made tremendous leaps since the advent of web-based technologies, allowing users more convenience and less cost. Companies are discovering how these technologies can aid their mobile sales force and improve effective decision-making in their overseas or regional markets, while individuals are connecting more easily with family and friends.

According to IDC, Enterprise videoconferencing revenue is slated for double-digit growth through 2015, with an estimated CAGR of 18.4%. With significant impact from unified communications, telepresence systems, and desktop and mobile devices as video pushes down market in the enterprise, it is very evident that video based communications technologies has changed and will continue to change the very way businesses are functioning. With this Businesses are quickly realizing that because of the cost- effectiveness of videoconferencing, travel is not anymore the first or the only choice. The technology is now associated to the "work smart" standard.

  • What potential do you foresee for Indian market? What are the verticals that have witnessed adoption curve?

According to IDC , the combined India domestic IT-ITeS market will grow by 15 percent in 2010 to achieve revenues of Rs 1,20,666 crore. The domestic IT market is expected to grow 13 percent in 2010 to touch Rs 1,07,655 crore. Also as per IDC, the worldwide market for remote support tools will grow from $171 million in 2008 to $473 million in 2013, representing a five year CAGR of 22.6%. It is observed that this market is niche and growing. Several trends are driving this growth:  the economy is forcing businesses to do more with less; there is a shortage of skilled IT workers at branch locations, and telecommuters, remote workers and mobile workers are increasing as a percentage of the workforce.

Given this market scenario, we see incredible potential in the Indian market – with fleets of customer support desks that can benefit from offering their end-users on-demand remote support.  Our strategy has been to secure a few key customers to prove out the benefits this type of solution can have for Indian companies, and then bring the solution out to a broader audience.  That being said, anyone can take a free trial of LogMeIn solutions at anytime by simply registering on our web site (www.LogMeIn.com).

BPOs, MSPs, and Telcos are some of the verticals which have witnessed a lot of traction towards this technology.

  • LogMeIn has introduced a ‘join me’. How is it different from the competition?

LogMeIn launched join.me, a fast, simple, lightweight screen sharing product in October 2001. join.me offers free online meetings for both personal and commercial use to up to 250 participants – with absolutely no registration, plug-ins or accounts required.  It’s fast and easy to start or join a meeting, eliminating the set up hassles most people experience with other meeting tools.  The pro version offers additional features such as a personalized URL and personal background, meeting scheduler and meeting lock, user management, and international conference lines.  join.me has been recognized by PC Advisor (Recommended), PC World (5 stars), MacWorld Editors Choice, and MacWorld UK Best Business Software 2011. 

  • DO you target SMEs, If yes, please share your market strategy for this segment?

LogMeIn provides solutions that target a wide range of businesses, including the SME market.  Any business person may try our products online, free of charge, without obligation.  This gives small business owners and mid-sized enterprises the ability to see how the solution may fit within their environment before committing to a purchase.  In addition, we offer multiple free products that may be used in commercial environments, which also enables SMEs with limited budgets to take advantage of simple, fast and secure solutions for collaboration or remote access, without having to make enterprise-level investments.

LogMeIn’s proposition to SME’s is to exactly cater to that need, i.e., to provide solutions that help them access their remote computers online. Users have multiple options for remote desktop control, including access from a Windows PC, laptop or Pocket PC; a Macintosh computer; their iPhone or iPad - to maximize their mobility and productivity.


  • Apart from saving cost of travel, quicker decision making, what are the other differentiating factors for your product offering

At LogMeIn, our mission is to maximize mobility, connectivity and business productivity.  This manifests in innovations such as our LogMeIn Ignition app for remote control from an iPhone, iPad or Android tablet, which was the top grossing, non-Apple productivity app in 2010 in the iTunes app store, and our join.me screen sharing application, which offers fast, simple, and easy screen sharing for free.  Our solutions are designed to be easy to try, easy to buy, and easy to use, giving users alternative to expensive or complex solutions that solve common business problems.

  • Please share your market outlook for the Indian market?

India is a very important market for us.  In the last six months we have grown our customer base to include some of the larger Managed Service Providers. Accenture and Quatrro are few bigger customers for us in India out of more than 20 enterprises who are using our solutions. We want to build up on this initial momentum and are ramping in India by adding more sales and support staff.

The key markets/ verticals that we plan to target in India are managed service providers, outsourced IT services organizations & Mobile Service Providers. Any organization providing Technical Support to internal  & external customer can benefit from our solution(s)

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