23 February 2020

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The SEO Techno Mania!

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If you want to market your business through online, not only you need to have a well designed, and informative website about your business, but also you have to employ Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques to make your website visible in Google and other popular search engines.

SEO helps to get more traffic to your website thus giving your business the much needed exposure among the online users. You can approach any SEO consultancy service providers, who will help you to incorporate the SEO tasks for your website. There are numerous ways to make the presence of your website felt in the search engines. These techniques are simple and highly cost  effective.

Here are some basic tips on SEO

  1. Analyse the traffic

Once the SEO techniques are employed, you can always track the traffic to your site with the help of analytical tools that can be incorporated to the ‘master control’  of your website.

  2. Use essential Keywords

Key words are important for getting the traffic to your website. The key elements in the website such as the title, the content, images etc should be provided with appropriate key words. Make sure that you employ only essential keywords, else the very purpose of putting keywords will be of no use as this will make your website being tagged a Spammer site.

 3. Interlink the pages of your website

You can interlink the pages of your website and this will ensure maximum traffic to each pages that are being interlinked. Pages with carefully laid out keywords will help your website reaches to a user who will type some keywords in the Google or in other search engines.

 4. Provide  a detailed sitemap

A proper site map that details the main sections of your web page in a proper order is highly advisable.

  5. Provide descriptions to the images

The images that you put in the website should be provided with detailed description with essential keywords. Search engines cannot search for the images in a website but are looking for specific terms in the pages. So if you provide the images with some descriptions using keywords, the chances of  search engines detecting your website is high.

  6 .  Update the content frequently

The content in the website should be updated frequently. This will give your site a dynamic look and will create an impression among the users that your website always has the latest information.
Besides you can add some blog components to your site which is available commercially. The blog component can act as an interactive platform where the users can also post their write ups. This will make the website more dynamic and interactive.

7. Social media networking

Social media networking is very crucial to increase the traffic to your site. You can create your company’s account in popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. This will help to disseminate the information about your company among the social media community instantly.



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