23 February 2020

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Indian Animation Industry Well Poised

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From the Editor's Desk 

Do you ever fancy to be friends with the suave android Enthiran in the film Enthiran, or  the 10 foot tall, blue skinned humanoids - The Navis in the film Avatar? Now,'technically speaking' you can make that very wish come true, if you are armed with the technical know hows and skills being used in the animation industry!

Our own 'Style Mannan' Rajanikanth is creating waves across the geographies with his 'electrifying performance' in Enthiran (Robot), a sci-fi film directed by S. Shankar. Thanks to the mind boggling animation and graphics marvels that have been incorporated to the film.
Both the movies Enthiran by S Shankar, and Avatar by James Cameron have created an overwhelming buzz in the film industry about the limitless potential and awesome visual fete the animation and graphic works can produce! The graphics and the seamless animation magic in these movies mesmerised the audience like never before. Coupled with the current peppy 3D technology, the animation industry is going through a revolutionary era of growth.

A scene from the movie Avatar

The stupendous acceptance of the cartoon charactor Chotta Bheem, created by Raj Viswanadha, among the kids in India also proves the phenomenal growth and impact of the animation art work. Chotta Bheem has become the icon of exemplary courage and strength for the tiny tots.

Image of Chotta Bheem
Lots of institutions in India wish to tap this potential of the Animation field, and are coming up with specialised animation and graphics designing courses. The courses range from 6 months to 2 years full PG Diploma programmes, and the fee structure also varies from around 30k to 2.5 lakhs approximately depending upon the programmes on the offering.

Recently a study which is brought out jointly by Assocham and Deloitte in Chennai forecasts that the Indian animation industry is expected to grow at a whopping 20 per cent to reach $253 million by 2013 from the current $122 million. The good news for those in the animation industry is, their demand in the job market will also see a skyrocketing increase.According to this study the current domestic market the animation industry holds, is pegged at 30 percentage. 

Most of the animation works are done for the US and UK markets now. The major reason for this can be attributed to the fact that the two largest animation movie studios in the world — Disney Pixar and Dreamworks are headquartered in these countries.The study also details that the Indian domestic animation and gaming market is less than 1 per cent of the global animation and gaming market. But this can be translated to huge scope for growth for these two industries.

Coming to the Indian gaming market, the Indian gaming market alone has been estimated at $239 million and is expected to surge at an astonishing growth rate of over 50 per cent to reach $1.3 billion by 2013.

US, Europe and Japan are the global leaders in the gaming market currently. However with Indian gaming market which is expecting a quantum growth by 2013, surely India will make a prominent mark in the global gaming market.
The global gaming industry is estimated to be growing at 21 per cent a year to reach to $40 billion this year, and $59 billion by 2013, according to the study.

So, youngsters... what are you waiting for? Get 'animated', and be ready to have a 'brush' with the secrets and wonders of the animation...!

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