Salesforce Acquires Assistly to attract SMEs


Leading player in the hosted CRM software solutions market,, recently acquired Assistly, a social customer service Software as a Service (SaaS startup), for an all-cash deal of $50 million.

Assistly helps companies collect and organize all of their customer conversations into a prioritized actionable list and equips support staff with the tools to respond to customers. 

The application allows businesses to filter conversations, access customer histories, automate processes and even tap into social media conversations on Facebook, Twitter and other sites. 

Assistly provides users with key metrics and analytics, such as case volume, interaction volume by channel, response time, service levels, agent performance and more.

Salesforce have already made a strategic investment in Assistly, which recently launched an app on the AppExchange that allows sales and support teams see data, like customer contact info and status while working on cases direct from Salesforce.