19 September 2019

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Being on the Cloud: The Small Business factor - Being on the Cloud: The Small Business factor

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Being on the Cloud: The Small Business factor
Being on the Cloud: The Small Business factor
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If the business has either an in-house solution or you outsource their server to an external agency, there are only really three options available to such cases:

Upgrading the account with the existing provider, which could prove costly and may tie the business in for longer than they want or spend.

Go out to the marketplace and buy more hardware at a great deal of expense to smaller businesses

Otherwise wait until the web traffic spikes are over.

Having said this, these solutions are only a temporary as none of these solutions are ideal.  With cloud hosting the website owner has control over the size of the server and bandwidth. When a website needs extra capacity the website owner can choose how much bandwidth they require. When they no longer need it, it is scaled back to the appropriate level.

If you are a small business, then Cloud Hosting could be an appealing solution for those who experience spikes in their website and want to manage capacity accordingly. Cloud solutions are becoming increasingly popular among SMEs as they are the ones who experience fluctuations in their day to day business operations. In addition to this, they are the ones who need to control their overheads.

However, there are certain areas which need proper considerations when it comes to deploying the cloud based solutions. Foremost, is the signing of service level agreement (SLA). While getting into the cloud the small business owner must have to look at signing the SLA as a important step in getting into the cloud.

However, for some cloud applications users security is also considered as an aspect to look at very carefully, but over a short period of time, advocates of cloud computing based applications have made it very clear that these applications offer a well secured experience.

With this brief overview, it can be clearly said that for those environments which needs scalability at an affordable cost— cloud could be a relevant answer for them.

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