28 May 2020

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Why entrepreneurs must get attracted towards Google +

Late June this year which is hardly two week back, Google unleashed “Google+. It’s a real-life sharing, rethought for the web. Although I got the invite last Friday and since last couple of days I have evaluated this new tool from the perspective of an entrepreneur who can use this for his business.

Google + has a strong appeal for the micro and small sized business owners. Although Google + is not a first social networking platform, we already have platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Orkut but the sole advantage of the new social platform (Google +) could be the fact that its new.

Harsh Jain

Straight from the Cricketing Entrepreneur

In India, Cricket is considered as an only uniting religion. Dream11.com gave this religion a fourth dimension by making the first graphical Fantasy Cricket Game. This digital cricket game is considered to be completely unique, engaging and user-friendly, which helped in increasing interest of cricket fans towards cricket gaming. As on date, around 6 Lakh registered users are already playing on Dream11.com

Harsh Jain, CEO of Dream11.com interacted exclusively with Faiz Askari, Editor of Small Enterprise India (dot) com and shared his experiences of being an entrepreneur in the digital gaming market and opportunities in this market.

'Indian BPOs Should Tap More Niche Markets'

Mani Malarvannan partner and cofounder of Cybelink Systems interacts  exclusively with Faiz Askari, Editor-Technology, Small Enterprise India,  and shares his views on Indian off shoring industry.

Get Socialised, Get More Business!

Communicating corporate messages in a controlled manner is the dream of any marketer. That’s the primary reason for the existence of business blogging and using social networking for business. Building and using business blogs have become a standard practice for many marketers in order to avail the optimum use of Internet. However with the growth in popularity of online social sites many have begun using these communities as their primary marketing platforms.

B2B Portal to Spur SME Growth

The launch of new dynamic B2B portal by the National Small Industries Corporation (NSIC) for Indian micro, small and medium sized businesses, gives the small and medium industries a fillip to capitalise new business opportunities.

Expand Business the Social Networking Way

Connecting with the rest of the world and being innovative towards business development is the most intelligent tip to work upon specially for an entrepreneur from the small and mid sized business. Off lately, people have started looking at these online socio networking sites as integrated medium for business development activity.

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