09 December 2019

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Straight from the Cricketing Entrepreneur

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Harsh JainIn India, Cricket is considered as an only uniting religion. Dream11.com gave this religion a fourth dimension by making the first graphical Fantasy Cricket Game. This digital cricket game is considered to be completely unique, engaging and user-friendly, which helped in increasing interest of cricket fans towards cricket gaming. As on date, around 6 Lakh registered users are already playing on Dream11.com

Harsh Jain, CEO of Dream11.com interacted exclusively with Faiz Askari, Editor of Small Enterprise India (dot) com and shared his experiences of being an entrepreneur in the digital gaming market and opportunities in this market.


Small Enterprise India: As a start up please share your experiences in this market? –

Harsh Jain: Initially, Fantasy Cricket was a played in a tabular format, which utilized only numbers and failed to appeal to the masses. With Dream11.com, we made the first graphical Fantasy Cricket Game that was completely unique, engaging and user-friendly, which helped in increasing interest in all cricket fans about the game.

In our first years of operations, Dream11.com was nominated for awards by international (FSTA) and domestic (FICCI) organizations that recognized our efforts for promoting Fantasy Cricket.

SEI: What is the size of this market? What prospects do you see in digital Gaming sector?

HJ: The digital gaming industry is expected to grow manifolds in the coming years. Recently, FICCI-KPMG released a report on Indian gaming industry; it is valued at Rs 10 bn and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 31 per cent, to Rs 38.3 bn by 2015.

The market size for Fantasy Sports is over $5 billion in the USA and Canada alone with over 60 million players playing worldwide.  In India, it is still at a nascent stage and we expect this industry to witness exponential growth in the following years.

SEI: What are the unique drivers of gaming industry?

HJ: Accordingly to one of the reports by IAMAI, Fantasy Sports is considered as one of the fastest growing genre in the online gaming industry. With cricket being the most followed sport in India and the second largest spectator sport in the world, Fantasy Cricket is expected to witness a phenomenal growth in the coming years. A unique driver for Fantasy Cricket will be the ability to play the game across several platforms, like Mobiles, Tablets and PCs.

SEI: Apart from cricket, is there any other area on which Dream11 is working on?

HJ: As of now, we are concentrating on improving our product and expanding our reach globally for Fantasy Cricket. However, with our expertise and award-winning product, we would be looking at branching out to other sports in future.

SEI: How many users so far have played on the Dream11 turf? What expectations do you have in next 12 months or so?

HJ: Currently, we have around 6 lakh registered users playing on Dream11.com. We are looking at an estimated 40% growth in our user-base in a year’s time.

SEI: What was the biggest challenge for you when you entered into the online gaming industry?

HJ: The biggest challenge was to spread the awareness of Fantasy Cricket in India.  To generate interest and engage online audiences in playing the Fantasy Cricket game was considered as one the biggest bottlenecks in establishing the game. As mentioned earlier, Fantasy Sports is a huge market globally with over 60 million players playing the game worldwide. However, In India, the concept is still in a nascent stage. Dream11.com took the plunge and introduced Fantasy Cricket with the first graphical user-interface for Indian audiences to understand and play the game. Our game saw a great response from fantasy players in India as well as abroad. We also gained confidence with many international and national associations recognizing our efforts to establish Fantasy Cricket in India.

We are now enjoying the fruit of our efforts with over 6 lakh registered users playing on Dream11.com.

SEI: Similarly, what are the unique set of opportunities do you foresee for entrepreneurs in this segment?

HJ: In the online gaming industry any good product with a USP and mass appeal for the users has the potential to flourish, as the market is still in a nascent stage and there are many opportunities to succeed.

SEI: Can we also expect some offline gaming products from Dream11? -

HJ: We are currently focusing only on expanding our reach to the global online Fantasy Cricket audience.

SEI: Cricket is considered as a religion in this country and you created a fantasy cricket game around this. How is the experience so far in creating and marketing such game?

HJ: Yes, the entire concept of Fantasy Cricket particular was for the reason that Indians love cricket and given a change would love to actively participate in the game. With Dream11.com’s Fantasy Cricket Game, users can select their team, be a team manager and see how their team performs according to real-life matches. All cricket aficionados can test their cricketing skills and enjoy the game as well.

We were always confident of our product and the viral nature of our game helps us reach the masses. As market leaders, our efforts have always been on improving and reinventing new features in our product, which have paid off as users love our game!


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