12 December 2019

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'Indian BPOs Should Tap More Niche Markets'

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Mani Malarvannan partner and cofounder of Cybelink Systems interacts  exclusively with Faiz Askari, Editor-Technology, Small Enterprise India,  and shares his views on Indian off shoring industry.

The economic downturn has deeply impacted technology and various other sectors world over. Did you find Indian Outsourcing market getting affected by this?

In 2009 companies all over the world got affected due to the recession. But now things are looking good. Though the recovery will be slow in the US, several companies are planning to increase their IT budget for this year, this will help Indian outsource vendors.

What importance does India carry for Cybelink?

Cybelink does lots of accounting outsource work for its clients in the US. It has partnered with Indian accounting BPO vendors to provide quality accounting outsourcing services to its clients. On this end, India helps Cybelink in providing services at cost effective ways.
Please express your views on your business journey or experience of being in the Indian Outsourcing market.

As you know Indian companies pioneered the concept of the outsourcing back in 1994 with low-level Y2K work, now with the global delivery model they are competing with US biggies like IBM, Accenture, etc. It is an amazing journey from where it started, where it is today, and where it will be in the future. I'm fortunate to be part of the journey.

Apart from talent, and language skills, what are the key drivers of Indian BPO sector?

Indian BPO companies must get into more niche markets like Online Tutoring, Business Analytic, Medical tourism, etc. These niche markets  have  very good growth opportunities. Since there is less number of companies on these segments compared to accounting BPOs, financial BPOs, etc, Indian companies targeting this market have lesser competition.
What challenges do you see in doing the BPO business out of India?

It is always a challenge to find a good and trust-worthy partner in India. Several times they look good on their web site and talking over the phone, but once you visit them in India, you get disappointed while seeing their office, employees, infrastructure, etc. So, it is always a challenge to find a partner who has skills, talent, and good infrastructure to support our needs.

For the IT heads or IT managers of SMBs what would be your suggestions regarding the outsourcing of technology management?

Before outsourcing see what are the core and noncore IT assets, business processes etc. Keep the cores and see if you can outsource the non-core IT assets. Make sure you involve the upper-level management and your staff in outsource process so that they know what changes they need to make to make your outsourcing efforts successful.

Please suggest key parameters of selecting an outsourcing partner especially from the perspective of a growing SMB?

Trust worthiness, Capabilities, References from their previous work, Initial pilot project for a month or so to check their capabilities

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