23 February 2020

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How to use Twitter for Business

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Twitter with more than 500 million registered users has come a long way from being a personalized social media platform. Today a large number of business establishments including small companies and self employed professionals use the power of twitter to increase sales and improve their marketing and brand promotional activity. Many twitter users follow various businesses to share ideas and show support for the business. From proactive customer support to knowing about the latest products from a company, users find it quite convenient to follow a business establishment on twitter that is proactive. Twitter is a powerful tool that can increase the brand promotion of any business establishment if used intelligently. Here are some tips and tricks to use twitter effectively to promote one's business.

Have a Professional Profile:

A lot of business establishments commit the cardinal sin of signing up on twitter but never engaging the social media platform to its fullest.  Many small companies and even self employed professionals do not take the pain and effort to build a professional profile in Twitter. Using twitter for personal networking is one thing but when using it for serious business having an incomplete and unprofessional profile is a big negative. Use your company logo and your twitter display picture to make sure it is the first step towards brand awareness. Use your business name as twitter username while adding all possible details on your business in the profile. People might take a look at your twitter profile before deciding to follow you or reply to any of your tweets so make sure your twitter profile is complete and professionally done.

Build Active Follower Base:

After creating a professional twitter profile, the next logical step is to slowly build an active user base. For business establishments new at twitter, they can create their user base by following the market leaders in their business or people associated with their industry. Responding to the thoughts and tweets of various such users can help the company get dedicated followers. One can search by location or using hash-tags to get in touch with like-minded people to support your business. Remember even if you do all the right things but follow the wrong people on Twitter, chances are that your business would not receive much help from twitter.

Post Valuable Tweets:

Rather than being a passive follower only responding to tweets and thoughts of others, it is essential for business institutes to be proactive and publish valuable tweets. Tweets can include something associated with the industry or something futuristic as well as any thought provoking idea that can change the face of your dedicated industry and business. Such innovative thoughts and ideas are likely to kick start a small conversation amid your followers which can auger well for your overall social media quotient especially on twitter.

Offer Unique Deals:

A novel way of using twitter as a powerful marketing tool for your business is to offer various discounts for your twitter followers. Use a brief message describing the offer to your followers while offering a time bound discount for dedicated twitter followers. Such discounts not only help increase your twitter follower count but also help in increasing the quantum of clients using your products or services.

Indulge in Twitter Contests:

A lot of companies and business establishments have started twitter contest campaign offering various goodies to the contest winners. The advantage of such contests is that they can help brand a new product or service tremendously using an innovative hash tag. One the hash tag goes viral, the reach of twitter can make sure that your product and service reaches a whole lot of people without spending a fortune of advertising and marketing plans.


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