31 May 2020

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App-up your business to stay ahead: Zoho

Small is set to be the new big. It has been projected that by 2020, 22% of the country's GDP will come from Small and Medium Enterprises. This is 5% more than what this segment contributes today. To maintain this flux and achieve higher targets, SMEs need a strong, reliable and conducive IT support, vital for a business to thrive.

Heart Bleed Bug- Is your data safe?

Heart bleed bug has been in news in the past few weeks owing to the massive impact it may have had on online transactions and web security. Heart bleed bug intrinsically is a bug that went largely undetected till very recently operating in the OpenSSL implementation of the SSL protocol over the web. According to conservative estimates, over 17% of the internet's web traffic dealing in data transactions over secure web servers has been vulnerable to the Heart bleed bug, including possible leak of usernames, passwords and email id's. Now with heart bleed bug detected and security patch applied by almost every website worth its salt over the internet, let us take a look at possible data breach that heart bleed bug made vulnerable in the virtual world.

How to use Twitter for Business

Twitter with more than 500 million registered users has come a long way from being a personalized social media platform. Today a large number of business establishments including small companies and self employed professionals use the power of twitter to increase sales and improve their marketing and brand promotional activity. Many twitter users follow various businesses to share ideas and show support for the business. From proactive customer support to knowing about the latest products from a company, users find it quite convenient to follow a business establishment on twitter that is proactive. Twitter is a powerful tool that can increase the brand promotion of any business establishment if used intelligently. Here are some tips and tricks to use twitter effectively to promote one's business.

Explore Google+: Must for SMEs

When Google+ was launched in the mid of last year, it had bought some hopes for the Small and Medium Enterprise (SMEs). As the search engine giant announced that it would soon be introducing a profile page for SMEs.

Interestingly, the Google+ has got some features which will benefit the SMBs across the globe. One of the most significant features is its ability to categorise friends, family and business contacts into 'circles', which SMBs can effectively make use of.

Using 'circles' on Google+, a business could create circles for existing clients, leads, partners, suppliers and professional contacts. The content and information could be shared on the basis of the interests and needs of each circle. This makes it easy to provide content that may be relevant to one group but not relevant to other groups.

Online is a multi billion opportunity for Indian SMEs

According to VeriSign, over five million small and medium enterprises (SMEs) go online in the next three to five years, which holds a potential of $5 billion business in India.

"There is a huge opportunity for starting online ventures in the SME space. Only 5 lakh SME units have an online presence in the country at present," said Kartik Taneja, head of India and SAARC business & government relations. There are only 2 million domain names in the country, which is less than 2% of the total net users at present.


Google brings free website service for SMEs

As a landmark step towards enabling Indian SMEs with an effective online presence, Google India has launched a campaign called 'India Get Your Business Online’. Under this offering Google will be providing free websites to the SMEs in the country. The offering would also free Internet domain, e-mail and a host of other services to the Indian SMEs.

Manish Dalal

Why does my business need a Web site?

The Internet has revolutionized the way the world communicates and searches for information and services. This change is evident in various aspects of our daily lives. The Internet is increasingly being used, among other things, to book tickets for travel, run a job search, to chat, e-mail, trade and bank online. The list is endless!

For most businesses today a top priority is to attract new customers and retain current customers. In an environment where budgets are tight and the market is extremely competitive, finding cost-effective solutions to be visible and keep in touch with customers is extremely important. A Web site can offer a cost effective way of communication and marketing for any business.

Manish Dalal

IPv6 - Powering the Next Generation Internet

Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6), the next generation IP address standard, is expected to make its ‘test’ debut on 8 June 2011. Being hailed as the one of the most significant changes to the Internet’s addressing system since its inception, IPv6 is intended to supplement and eventually replace the IPv4 protocol most Internet services use to transact on the Internet today.

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