14 December 2019

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‘Mindset needs to change for better work efficiency’

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Mr Kamal GulatiCloud awareness is picking up quite well in India. Customers are realizing the value, flexibility and expertise of cloud that could be brought in the table. Adoption is bit early stage but should increase quite fast. Security of data & reliability of vendor providing service along with ease of usage and expansion have major factors. Discussing these issues Kamal Gulati, Head India Operations, Atempo exclusively interacted with Faiz Askari, Editor of Small Enterprise India(.)com.

The excerpts of the interview:

Small Enterprise India(SEI): What all business operational utilities can be achieved through the cloud based solution?

Kamal Gulati (KG): It is beginning with applications like ERP, CRM, basic infrastructure, Rack space and Facilities management but specialized offering like security, Backup, Archival, content management could not be far behind.

SEI: What are the key challenges ahead of the Indian SME vertical with regards to technology infrastructure?

KG: Key challenges are in 3 major areas:

1.       Mindset of letting the data be out of organization and still confident of its confidentiality and availability

2.       Processes for

a.       What to outsource in what timeline, including Big bang Vs gradual, one service provider Vs multiple service provider

b.      Finalizing what parameters are important for evaluation of services provider and subsequent working including Defining success parameters

c.       Smooth working as internal systems and team would need to now work with external systems and team in much more tighter way then earlier. All organizations have done this in past in one way or another, but cloud requires bit more planning

3.       Measuring success parameters on consistent basis and consistent communication channels with service provider

SEI: What is the main focus area for your business?

KG: Our main focus so far has been mid to large enterprises, now we need to selectively look at making available for SMB in some ways what advantages Atempo kind of premium solution gives to mid to large Enterprises. The biggest focus of Atempo is making sure that we exceed customers expectation or not serve that customer at all, there can not be any mid path.

SEI: How do you target the Indian SME segment?

KG: Cloud and resellers are 2 routes, Indian SME segment is typically much larger than any other one in absolute numbers as well as revenue potential. But we would not compromise on Atempo’s main focus of “exceeding customer’s expectation or not serve that customer at all”. The main challenge is to know about how to reach such large mass without losing focus.

Hence selecting right kind of service providers and main partners to driver this business is key aspect. We would have resellers working under these main partners or main partner having very extensive reach.

SEI: What are there unique set of challenges and demands of this segment?

KG: The biggest one for OEM like us is how to have process such that we exceed each and every SME customers expectations, as even smaller money spent is good percentage of his investment. We are consistently working at our internal processes and finalizing some real customer focused organizations as partners of both kinds.

SEI: Mobility to the employees can empower them to enhance their productivity and enable the faster decision making process within the organization. How exactly can this be achieved through your product offerings of cloud?

KG: Our product offering of cloud through aligned customer focused service providers allow customer to protect data on

1.        Mobile laptop, remote location desktop in farthest, least internet connected state without bothering their Laptop/Desktop performance. The simplest solution letting them focus on their business results

2.       Remote location file server/Application server backup in one of the least BW and timeline in de-duplicated way with great ease

SEI: What roadmap do you expect for your business for the next 2 years?

KG: We are looking at three aspects of roadmap in near future. These are:

1.      High focus, this line require bit of long rope, the revenue would not happen in real short term, hence what is required is kind of success parameters definition for our self and reseller / service provider. Everybody needs experience of success and right direction.

2.       SMB business gets done through specific partners. The relationship with these for Atempo would be key parameter. We want to be very specific and go through the process.

3.      The business need to be self sustaining in 2 years time for sure. We need 2-3 National or each market Service provider for cloud and possibly exclusive kind of arrangement for main partners for SMB focus, or it could be specific team within Atempo team doing that.


‘Mindset needs to change for better work efficiency’

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