14 December 2019

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Real Time Collaboration: Saving Your Precious Time in the Work Front

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Considering the landscape of overall available resources, time is a premium for most SMEs. In today’s highly competitive business environment an entrepreneur has to achieve results quickly. Real time collaboration is a new technology trend that s attracting SMEs in India.

As a part of the most common and age old problem, senior management has struggled to stay in touch with everything going on within their organisation. They and their employees constantly miss out on critical internal information because existing collaboration tools are expensive and complicated and put the onus on users to do most of the work searching out information relevant to their daily needs.

A lot of business processes have been tried and tested to solve this issue but a dynamic real-time information flow is the need of this hour.

As an example, with the advent of Chatter from salesforce.com, a new regime of real-time business collaboration can be experienced. This solution allows SMEs to break free of the cost and complexity of legacy software systems. Another important aspect of such solution is the ease of management. Top management wants business critical information. They neither have time to devote time in extracting the information nor their focus is towards that. All they look for, is to have a redundant mechanism that can facilitate such information availability at a real time basis.

As a prospective solution, new generation of real-time tools are easy to use and delivers relevant information to each individual user based on the people, documents and applications they have decided to follow.

Benefits of being Real Time

In the past, managers have often found it difficult to point out those individuals within the company with the most relevant experience and expertise for a particular project. Today, however, they can create business profiles, based on professional information such as personal contact details, areas of expertise and work history, to quickly identify the most appropriate selection of employees for a given business activity.

In today’s age of information overload, SMEs often struggle to keep on top of the vital information they need to close a deal or clinch a critical sale. With real-time business collaboration, they can break the cycle of incessantly chasing critical information. Status updates enable employees to automatically keep colleagues informed with dynamic alerts, while allowing them to prevent duplication of effort. Through such features, staff can even share files and links to provide additional context around a project, sales deal or customer support case.

While sharing a real life example, Ashok Aggarwal, CMD of a New Delhi based wealth management company said, “I witnessed that managing the day to day activity of my staff became a two to three person’s job. Which itself has become a costly affair to maintain. A real time and easy access solution could bring some value in this.”

Critically, the emergence of real-time business collaboration provides a solution to many of the key challenges that will be familiar to SMEs as they go about their daily business.

Real-time feeds or information packets allow employees to stay abreast of everything that matters to them, with personalised updates from people, applications and documents. Delegated teams and departments can work together on fast-moving issues, such as sales leads, customer projects and marketing campaigns, with greater efficiency.

Status updates from key applications can be represented in these feeds or information packets. Usually these are also termed as real time business reports. These applications can even flag time-sensitive developments like a new sales opportunity or change in customer contact, which in turn, enable employees to do better business.

In addition, real-time business collaboration tools also enables the SME employees to reduce the time they would previously have wasted searching through in-boxes or on file servers for important business documents or content.

With tools like Chatter, they can instantly and securely search the relevant feed to access, share and even download the material via an Internet browser.

Business, on the Move

Needless to further stress the importance of mobility, as the fact is well visible that mobile working has now became a common norm for the majority of SMEs as many employees travel for work, take laptops home at night, or telework part of the week, there is a growing need for these organisations to ensure they put measures in place to support these staff and, by so doing, help drive competitive edge.

Real-time business collaboration can not only allow companies to maintain constant connection with their applications but scope of error during the client service delivery or product offering also gets reduced. SME employees can stay productive and ‘in the know’, regardless of their location or their chosen mobile device, whether it is a BlackBerry, iPhone, standard handset or even a laptop being used remotely.

SMEs Set to Reap the Benefits

In a parallel business trend, social networking and social computing have convinced the consumers for a new way to gain insights into what's happening in the world, when things are taking place and about the people they know. Yet enterprise collaboration within businesses has until recently been rare because content, applications and people are disconnected and not part of the same conversation.

With a new generation of real-time business collaboration tools, SMEs and all the growing organisations will get a chance to be smarter at a smarter cost. SMEs, with their aggressive focus on growth and with especially intensive demands on their time and resources are likely to give this new business environment a particularly warm welcome.

Although core business excellence is the ultimate criteria of business success, but efficient business processes also holds the key to success. In the bid to establish efficient business processes, a good entrepreneur always looks at innovative technological solutions to embark ahead.

Real Time Collaboration: Saving Your Precious Time in the Work Front
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