28 May 2020

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Pioneers in the Most Affordable Tablets

Datawind is the first Indian company to create a revolution in the affordable tablet computers segment in India. They are credited with the initiation of world’s most affordable tablet computers with the launch of Aakash. Armed with technological strength, they are striving to connect the forgotten billions to the internet and have been working with various governments and not-for-profit organizations to bridge the digital divide. Besides Delhi, Datawind operates in Amritsar, London, Montreal and Mississauga.

Firstouch: World’s First Regional Smartphone

The Indian Smartphone market is becoming the hotbed of activity especially in the budget Smartphone segment. The introduction of low cost phones from various companies including Google’s own Android One to phones based on Firefox operating system marketed as the world's cheapest, Indian Smartphone market is growing exponentially.

LG G3 Review

The Smartphone market is witnessing interesting times with influx of refined high end models from phone manufacturing bigwigs. While Samsung and Apple are still at the top of the Smartphone market across the globe but only just. Other mobile manufacturing companies including LG are poised to score big especially with the launch of models like their high end flagship phone G3 launched in India last month. Launched at a price of Rs. 47,990 for the 16 GB variant, LG G3 is one of the high end phones available in the market today. Modeled on its earlier device the G2 which was not exactly a blockbuster hit, G3 seems to have been developed by the company keeping in mind the way consumers think while accepting or rejecting a high end Smartphone.

Mobile Has a versatile role for SMEs

India is the second largest and one of the fastest growing mobile markets in the world. On the global front, according to Microsoft Tag, of the 4 billion cell phones in the world, 1.08 billion are smart phones and more than 50 per cent of local searches are done on mobile devices.

Efficient Frontier estimates that 22 per cent of all searches in 2012 will be on mobile phones and it is predicted that in 2014 mobile Internet will overtake desktop usage.

The above data is a glimpse of what we can expect in the future. It is time SMEs look at Mobile not just as a communication tool, but as the revenue generator. Touted as the next generation of e-commerce, mobile commerce (m-commerce) enables users to access Internet without the need to find a place to plug in.

Mr Aanand Srivastav

Mobile Commerce: A window of opportunity

Gone are the times when the ATM and the credit cards made the wallets lighter. Now mobile is fast replacing the wallet. With the present regulations of RBI many players have been allowed to offer mobile wallets, but of course the mobile payment industry is still in its nascence. Anand Srivastav, CMD, BEAM Money shared an exclusive overview, opportunities and challenges about the mobile commerce space by interacting with Faiz Askari, Editor, Small Enterprise India (dot) com.

The Interview Excerpts:

Mr Kamal Gulati

‘Mindset needs to change for better work efficiency’

Cloud awareness is picking up quite well in India. Customers are realizing the value, flexibility and expertise of cloud that could be brought in the table. Adoption is bit early stage but should increase quite fast. Security of data & reliability of vendor providing service along with ease of usage and expansion have major factors. Discussing these issues Kamal Gulati, Head India Operations, Atempo exclusively interacted with Faiz Askari, Editor of Small Enterprise India(.)com.

Avaya Helps SMEs to 'Think Big'

In it’s bid to get more aggressive towards SME market, Avaya unveiled new product releases and innovations targeting this market. These announcements include the new version of Avaya’s communications solution for this market—Avaya IP Office 7.0—which helps drive improved savings, user experiences, and collaboration for a new generation of entrepreneurs, early-stage companies, and mid-size firms.

Nearly 60% of small and mid-size businesses state they use, are interested in, or are planning to use collaboration software. With this launch, Avaya previewed forthcoming innovations in collaboration for this market, including the Avaya Flare Experience for small and medium businesses. Avaya also demonstrated advanced multi-party videoconferencing via several devices, desktop sharing capabilities, and an upgrade from a Nortel device to Avaya IP Office using the Data Migration Tool.

A ‘Lifeline’ for Mobile Consumers

Have you ever been at a social gathering and heard how ‘'had they known you were also in the same area they could have enjoyed a chat with you'’?. Well now it is possible to enable such fun moments. CSR have bought a mobile application by the name Lifeline that offers a social-mapping service that changes the way family and close friends connect and find each other in a mobile environment, showing subscribers where their family and friends are located using their mobile phones. In an exclusive interaction with Faiz Askari of Small Enterprise India, Ashu Pande Vice President of CSR unleashed some unique qualities of lifeline and its utility for Indian market.

Real Time Collaboration: Saving Your Precious Time in the Work Front

Considering the landscape of overall available resources, time is a premium for most SMEs. In today’s highly competitive business environment an entrepreneur has to achieve results quickly. Real time collaboration is a new technology trend that s attracting SMEs in India.

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