11 December 2019

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Banking on Documentation Management

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Xerox has recently been voted the top green outsourcer in the 2009 Green outsourcing survey by Brown-Wilson group. To discus this achievement and industry’s issues related to documentation management Mark Petit, Executive Director, Xerox Global Services, Xerox India interacted exclusively with Faiz Askari, Editor –Technology, Small Enterprise India.com, on aspects of  Xerox’x new strategies and market focus.

Please elaborate the significance of the award for Xerox?

Undoubtedly it is a major accomplishment for Xerox since it has moved up significantly from 35th position as per the same survey last year to the first position this year. Xerox has also been ranked among the top three vendors providing end to end document management services as per the Black book of outsourcing 09, compiled by the same group.  

How has documentation market evolved over past few years?

Couple of years back, organizations were struggling with their documentation infrastructure but did not acknowledged this challenge. But gradually the awareness level has increased and now they very well know the potential to manage their communications especially with regards to documentation.

Xeroxhas been present directly in Indian market for quite some time. What is Xerox’s take on Indian SMBs?

Over the past few years, documentation has been emerged as a key area for the Industry players, SMBs are the segment which has understood their pain points in this area and also recognized Xerox’ expertise in this area. Similarly SMBs carry huge importance for our business and are core part of our market focus in India.

What is the unique positioning does a typical SME company carry in the documentation management space?

SMBs are different in nature so their needs to be treated differently and uniquely. Their demands are different as well as their issues. We understand that difference and that is the reason why we offer customised solutions for SMB segment. More and more small and midsized businesses recognize the benefits of document management solutions tailored to their company size and needs. We also offer consultancies to SMB customers, our experts examine the overall requirements of the SMB customer and then offer them best possible solution which can fit in their specific environment. In such observation we look at complete documentation and communications infrastructure at the SMB set up from the point of view of what best they should have in order to be upbeat in the market.

Please elaborate the status of green computing among the SMBs landscape of India. How Xerox looks at this aspect?

With regards to documentation infrastructure, which usually has printers, papers and colour cartridges as the printing consumables, any company has great scopes to become a green company.

For example, printer’s cartridges and printing paper sheets can be made of recycled inventory and let the organization to go on greener path. Similarly, if a printer consumes less electricity then it can be called as green asset for the company which is using them. However, customers are getting aware from these facts, and they also want to control the carbon emission to justify their green mandate.

There are a lot of things that needed to be looked upon especially with regards to a company’s roadmap to move towards becoming a greener company.

Documentations Management Services is also an important area which is witnessing action these days. Can you elaborate some market numbers on this?

Its, undoubtedly a growing market, IDC estimates that executives spend 45 percent of their time working with documents. 610 billion e-mails are sent each year out of which half are printed. More than 7.5 billion new documents are created in the office–resulting in more than 1 trillion pages each year. However, according to Gartner, up to 3% of corporate revenues is spent on the office output fleet (Print, copy and fax).
These data showhow critical does this segment has became. Moreover IDC study also foundsthat companies spend as much as 10% of revenues on document production, management and distribution.

As a vendor for documentation management solutions, what challenges do you come across while addressing the SMB segment of the market?

There are quite a few pain points with regards to documentation processes involved in any organization. If the organization does not have an organized process to manage its documentations, then it could to lead several other challenges. SMBs, we have seen, invest a lot of time in managing their documentation jobs which could be handled by an automated process. However, responsibilities like content management, document scanning, data mining etc could add great value for the organization if they can be tackled carefully and systematically.

So the most appealing solution for the challenges faced by an SMB is to adopt systematic process based approach for document management.

Which are the areas where you see organizations can generate an edge while going for a documentation management solution?

Time, is the biggest area. They can save huge time of the employees and let them use it for business productivity.   

Secondly, SMBs would be able to do the data mining job more professionally and their knowledge management could achieve better results if they have a process involved for their documentation management.

Now coming over to the slowdown effect, what message you want to send across to the SMB audience? Where documentation comes into picture with this regard? 

Everywhere, businesses want to cut down their costs, or they are finding ways to optimise the efficiency of their existing infrastructure set up. At the same time they want to remain focussed in their core business growth, with this perspective the best way is to look at all the non focussed jobs which are not related to the core business could be outsourced. Once the employees get to focus more on their core business the core business growth will happen.
Which all industry verticals are showing attraction towards documentation management solutions?

Banking, telecom, insurance and advertising sectors are the main industry segments that are the first movers towards having an organized documentation infrastructure.
We at Xerox  are continuously strengthening our focus towards these segments and looking at bringing out cost effective solutions, so that these business should remain focussed on their core business.


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