Collaborative Approach to Bring Success


It is not about cutting cost on business travel front, collaboration technologies or telepresence is about enabling better and quick decision making process in the business environment. Business Octane’s immersive telepresence collaboration suites, and customised collaboration solution are equipped with a user interface that allows for simple and elegant use of all the functionalities. This was discussed between Sanjay Bansal, Founder, Chairman of the Board & Managing Director, Business Octane and Faiz Askari, Editor-Technology, Small Enterprise India.

 The interaction excerpts:

1. As a major player in the Telepresence space, how do you see SME market for telepresence shaping up?

Ans:  Immersive Telepresence is gaining momentum and has a huge potential in India. The SME market in India is growing tremendously. The SME segment is already a heavy user for virtual collaboration technologies. The Immersive Telepresence Suites available in the marketplace are majorly suitable for large enterprises given the financial bandwidth and quantum of usage in such enterprises.

However, these factors differ for the SME segment where the demand will be driven by such innovations that can replicate in the most effective manner as possible the experience of Immersive telepresence at reduced costs to vindicate the investments being made.

Business Octane has gone ahead in terms of innovation with its customised range of Immersive Telepresence Suites & Solutions for the SME segment that will help these enterprises benefit from a faster ROI. We had recently introduced CollaboratorPOWERMAXTM an affordable Immersive telepresence collaboration suite that offers media-rich, immersive dynamic telepresence experience.

The customised suite creates a meeting experience over telepresence which is as effective as meeting face-to-face with distant participants with high definition studio quality video and high definition stereo spatial audio, together with near actual physical sizing and natural eye contact. We have advanced video collaboration solution:

AltraCOLLABORATOR™ that also caters to the SME segment; it is a customisable collaboration solution to be retrofitted in existing video meeting rooms. These solutions offer near Immersive telepresence experience, with similar media-rich capabilities that enable a button touch sharing of content with the remote participants to foster a productive and dramatically improved video meeting experience.  The advanced video collaboration solution comes with a range of upgradable collaboration tools to customise them further as per specific business requirements.

2. Is it actually relevant for SMEs?

  Yes, Immersive telepresence is relevant for every organisation irrespective of size. SMEs are looking at such solutions that can help them cut costs without compromising on innovation and execution.  Given the nature of this segment; they will derive highest value by investing in Immersive telepresence suites or such solutions that are customised to befit the specific business needs and available at affordable pricing.
3. Do you think this market is critical for the vendors; and they should be more focussed now than earlier?

Ans:  As mentioned earlier, there is a huge potential in this market which is still untapped. Vendors need to be more aggressive and develop innovative technologies which are relevant for this segment.

4. What kind of challenges this market throws to the vendors and how as a company Business Octane mitigates it?

  Some of the challenges that players usually come across while talking to the customers are cost factor and bandwidth issues. They feel that adopting Immersive telepresence suite would require a huge amount of capital investment. Further, they are hesitant in experimenting with a new technology because of the challenges that they faced while using video conferencing solutions.

Players need to educate customers more aggressively as these are no longer challenges in adopting immersive telepresence. Companies need to realize the ROI that they get with this one time investment. Every major telecom service provider in India at present is in a position to provide necessary bandwidth to its customers. Now, a customer can get a good telepresence experience at 1Mbps to 8 Mbps of bandwidth.

Business Octane’s has brought unprecedented innovations in the domain of collaboration solutions for the SME segment. CollaboratorPOWERMAX™. Our advanced video collaboration solution: AltraCOLLABORATOR™ that offers  near immersive telepresence experience come with a selection of upgradable collaboration tools that provide additional flexibility to enterprises to customize the solution as per their specific requirements.

With the launch of Business Octane’s Immersive Dynamic Telepresence Suites the requirement for bandwidth has come down further by 1/3rd, starting as low as one Mbps. Further these suites can be deployed at 40% lesser capital investment in comparison to immersive group telepresence suites.

5. What is the major concern for the IT administrator in the SMEs from telepresence perspective?

 IT managers, CIO and senior management team first need to analyse and decide on the kind of solution that they are looking at deploying for their enterprise. Some of the major parameters that they need to look out for while choosing a telepresence solution are-

•   Customised Solution – Organisations should choose such solutions that are customised to meet the specific business requirements to ensure higher return on investments.
•   Enterprise Class Solutions – The solutions should be capable of being implemented across the enterprise to enhance usage and drive returns.

•   Running cost- Solutions that require less maintenance cost. Most of the companies end- up spending huge amount on maintenance.

•   Flexibility & Interoperability - Companies should ensure that the solutions are flexible and interoperable with   other communication applications.  Meeting participants whether on audio, desktops, and video conferencing sites should be able to seamlessly collaborate with the company’s immersive telepresence solutions.

•   Media Rich Solutions - Solutions that encourage meeting participants to be able to get real work done over telepresence meetings. Media Rich Immersive Telepresence enables sharing of content: documents, desktops and whiteboard with remote participants with full clarity and vice versa.

•   Simplicity- The ease of usage is an important factor which drives adoption and helps get faster ROI

6. Ideally, where they should start from?

 Any company should first start by analysing the existing struggles and understanding their specific business collaboration needs. It is very important to understand the type of solution that will help bring nimbleness and agility to the business: the lynchpin of success that thrives upon enterprise unified collaboration.

7. What are the advantages of BO for the SMEs vis-à-vis the competition?

We are the first company that has brought unprecedented product innovation in this domain to meet the specific requirements for the SMEs.  We have brought to the marketplace affordable immersive telepresence with our CollaboratorPOWERMAX™. Our advanced video collaboration solutions are customisable to be retrofitted in the existing video meeting rooms across the enterprise. 

Our Immersive Telepresence Collaboration Suite available under three unique variants and seating capacities provides the advantage to enterprises to choose the suite type according to the specific meeting space requirements.

 All the immersive telepresence collaboration suites and specific advanced video collaboration solution incorporate a new revolutionary user interface SimpliUSE+™ that incorporates TeleconnectWIZARD™ for connecting multiple locations with extreme ease of usage and without any external help. In addition, Business Octane’s Immersive Telepresence empowers users to collaborate seamlessly with other communication applications.