08 December 2019

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Green Calling! IT Firms Go Ga Ga Over Green Initiative

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While most of the CIO’s (Chief Information Officer) working within the SMB segment agree to the fact that saving is always on their minds. This is exactly becoming the primary driver for them to look up towards turning green.

Today, Green computing is broadly defined as the study and practice of using computing resources efficiently in order to make sure that you get maximum output from minimum input. One of the most important objectives of such a program is to augment the existing bottom line of green practices for the company’s operations.

This is an expanded spectrum of values and criteria for measuring organisational and societal success with an aim to cut use of hazardous materials and maximise efficiency of product life while promoting recyclability. Hence, the key driver for SMBs embracing Green IT measures is cost savings and all the technologies related to this concept are gaining high importance in the eyes of the CIOs working with SMB segment.

The recently concluded summit in Copenhagen brought into focus the environmental concerns affecting the world at large.  Henceforth, reducing the carbon footprint of the nation is increasingly coming under scrutiny globally as well as locally in India. At a time like this, Green IT or green computing is increasingly being seen as a way of IT implementation that offers a number of benefits, including cost reductions as well.

Modern IT systems rely on a complicated mix of people, networks and hardware, here comes Green which can assure the IT decision makers that their IT systems will be at peace with nature as well. As such, a green computing initiative must be systemic in nature and address increasingly sophisticated problems

SMBs are increasingly appreciating the value of going green given the wide range of benefits that get accumulated from prolonged usage of environmentally friendly products and lifestyles that satisfy the nature gods as well. For most large businesses with extensive IT resources, the primary focus has been data centers. SMBs can opt for green solutions
such as EnergyStar rated appliances, low power consuming electronics, blade servers and virtualization technologies, among others.

Some Green IT initiatives gaining on popularity:


Recycling is quite an under-leveraged technique for being green. These days most of the Indian businesses are moving towards adopting proper recycling policies. Recycling in the business space can be achieved not just in paper usage, but also in how electronic waste is handled. Electronic waste management has become a big issue for business owners to handle, and adopting structured approach for recycling. Paper waste can be minimised by double-sided printing, reusing single side printed sheets of paper and other methods etc.


Blade servers, though still nascent in adoption, are technological breakthroughs in servers which provide the same computing power with much lower power utilisation. These days a lot of organisation’s resources got waste through the un-utilised computing. Power used by computer machine can very effectively be maintained. This aspect applies very effectively in case of servers. A basic power management technique on computers can result in substantial energy savings due to their sheer number in the market.

Power Consumption
Most of the SMBs are now into the details of saving on their electricity bills. Hence, consumption of natural light becomes important. This can be done with some minimum effort that can be given on environment friendly structural designs for office space and organisations like TERI are playing an important role in this direction.

In addition to this, key players such as HP and IBM have now begun the manufacturing of low power consuming servers and PCs which utilise roughly 66 percent of the power requirement of older system.

Thin clients have quite a few advantages such as space-savings, easier to secure, and cost reductions due to lower IT management expenses etc.

IT Waste Management

Organisations are very well aware from the environmental issues that are involved in dumping the IT waste. This has become a big worry for them as a lot of pro environmental, NGOs are aggressively tracking this area. Organisations like Green Peace are on the fore front of taking the responsibility to educate and track the waste management.

Government is also promoting these kind of policies in which organisations are carefully looking at IT waste management as an important area.

What Does Green could bring to the SMB table?

Going green is not just a fashion statement in today’s world. For SMBs this green makes a lot more relevance than just a simple tag of being green. It saves a lot of company’s resources, enhances profitability and brings greater value to the company.

Beyond all this, being green adds value to the company as it enhances the company’s overall image, this helps big time in attracting and impressing newer clients as well.


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