14 December 2019

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Go Green, Make 'Clean' Profit in Business

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Why is it so that Green Policies are attracting many businesses? By peeping into greener business processes one can find many positive answers to it, finds out Faiz Askari, Editor-Technology, Small Enterprise India.com

When long term sustainability is at stake, being Green is surely going to help in gaining the environmental advantage. Indian SMBs should look at this area carefully, as this drives many values to them. As more and more organisations set on different course to align themselves up along the borderlines with the environment and nature. Green is certainly gaining on the popularity charts on the CIO’s mindshare as it is surely one way to come to terms with environmental issues and gain on the long term profitability.
The idea of going ‘Green’ is now being taken as gaining on sustainability and it is not just being limited to bigger corporations in the country. If it is an IT organisation, which is selling certain IT solutions, adopts a greener policy to go green can definitely help in convincing its customers to go for green IT products or solutions. In another  example of an interesting case of going green, a manufacturing unit for automobile industry located in Delhi NCR region, it is found that adopting green or in simpler terms , adopting power saving policies, the business has achieved two pronged benefits.

Commenting on his experiences on adopting greener way of doing business, Rajesh Chawla of EW Manufacturing Pvt Ltd said, “While adopting greener solutions in our day to day business operations we achieved great results as we were expecting to achieve something better. We decided to go for TFT monitor in our computing design centre and decided to change our manufacturing unit’s lighting system and also decided to control the electricity usage very significantly. With this we started registering some good savings and one fine day someone adviced me that while doing such changes in our business operations we are automatically adopting green policies and this is something which we should talk about openly. I have given a second thought to it and started mentioning this operational change in our official presentations etc. This has impressed many new customers and resulted into good business as well.”

With such interesting case study, it can easily be made out that green is not only about caring for nature or environment. It is actually about doing business in a better and bigger way.
It seems to be a popular myth that ‘bigger the better’ and that big business houses often receive preferential treatment from vendors who always look for bigger deals. These big enterprises often have greater bargaining power over the small companies on negotiating discounts, customisation of solutions and even gain on employee benefit packages.

All has already changed over the years. Whether it is a vendor or a solutions provider, today people tend to deal with SMBs in a better way. To the outside world it would suggest that big organisations also have an upper hand while calling it Green. The reality is different, Green small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) have got all the potential to gain on by ensuring that they have given substantial thought process while determining and measuring the profitability of going green.

A green SMB is uniquely positioned to offer its customers not only its set of products and solutions but also the much needed environmental relief and satisfaction that come with saving some bit of the environment.
Customers are getting conscious of the company that they are dealing with – not only its products. A SMB, with reduced workforce and facilities and its ability to operate in small niche markets is often able to witness greater incremental benefit from sustainability investments than its counterpart bigger organisations.

Green image is always helpful

Most of us have realised by now that it is good to go green and buy green. After all it is one way to give back to the nature and to the society as well. Hence a green image is surely going to help a SMB gain on the popularity front as well as pay back to the society. Only SMBs can lead the way here as it is often more than difficult for large corporations to even think of a major change like introducing green within their organisations. More so SMBs, often tend to function in only a limited geographical area, and hence these small organisations do not have the burden of managing politics and policies as do larger firms that mostly have manufacturing and distribution operations vastly spread across different countries.

With the green backing, the SMBs can gain goodwill with consumers for their investments and environment friendly actions, this is sure to appear more genuine than those of companies with less natural connections. Hence SMBs with Green inclinations are likely to gain greater customer loyalty. Experts in the PR world agree that less may be expected of the SMB so their green efforts are likely to be more appreciated on a bigger scale.

Powering the Green

It is very important for SMBs to put all their management and sustainability analysis on a single platform. This can be achieved with a bottom-up or top-down effort to get employees and management to a single level of ease and commit to evaluate and eventually pledge to improve on their existing processes, suppliers and products. Well, as a matter of fact, many SMBs do lack analysis and reporting tools that can help with this evaluation and improvement.

Without the help from technology most of the small organisations are simply not aware of their ‘carbon footprint’ or how to cost-effectively decrease their environmental impact or in other words their burden on the environment and their surroundings. Now is surely the time to act and go green. If they do not go green, SMBs will miss the opportunity to prove and promote themselves in this unique proposition.


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