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Managing Talents for Success

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Quresh Songerwala is the founder of Angelz Models. Angelz Models is a talent management company that was founded in the year 2000. Today, Angelz Models is one of the leading talent management companies in Mumbai. They scout actors and models for top production companies in Mumbai and several other cities in India. Find below an extract of the interview with Quresh Songerwala.

Can you tell us something about your company
Angelz Models was started in January 2000. We are basically a modeling, talent and casting  management  company. We started off  basically as a small  company doing castings for models. We do events as well.  We don’t do celebrity management but we do have the the required contacts to source celebrities for our clients. Our main focus is dealing with upcoming models. We arrange models from all over India. We cater to clients all over India in sourcing talent for print shoots, television commercials and pretty much any requirement like fashion shows, events, etc.

What made you start off in this business?
Initially, when I was out of college, I had a great passion for the film industry. I did a lot of jobs as an extra at the time and since I don’t come from a business background, I didn’t know from where to start. But the industry never left my mind at any point of time. I started doing some casting work, I got some contacts and this was my second line of work, I wasn’t able to  handle both my job and the casting and so finally I left my job and just went into the casting business full time.  Everything has worked out well and my artists are doing well. It was all about working on the contacts that I established in the first year that I worked. In the first 3 years, I spent building my contacts, we only had a few models when we started in the beginning. It is really a difficult kind of work because every modei is different. We do a lot of things that are related to modeling and acting jobs. They are important because they are related to increasing my work. We have paid a lot of attention to upcoming models. We try to help them know how to find their own direction.

So initially you started looking for work for yourself as an actor?
Yes, I started looking for work for myself as an actor and basically I got a few small jobs here and there. Basically why I did that job then was to get an idea of what was on hand  and how film shoots happen. I wanted to give myself the same exposure I try to give to my models today. I let them know how hard they have to work in this industry to become a star. You would not be able to do things in a better way when you are not experienced.

What has been the key to your success in this industry?
I work according to the level of each model. We are more personalized compared to our competitors.  I know what kind of work a particular model can and cannot do. This saves the model and my client valuable time. There is some kind of work satisfaction in what I do. I love my work, money is always  there, everybody needs money. I started my agency  and  made money  but there are certain things that I do that I don’t get money out of but I still do it. And, that is the kind of service you can provide to models to get them them visibility in some cases and I give them time for that and I know that is not done in most of the other casting agencies but we do it for our models. It’s a very focused way of working and we give the models our focus first.

So the key to your success is building relationships more than anything else?
Building relationships is what we do. There are two ways in which these would happen, one is of course, my initial interview with them, the second is when I send them for auditions, I get the feedback from the client. Once I send them to 3- 4 auditions, I get an idea  as to how the client see them and of course, I would be interacting with the models also and let them know how much time it would require for them to be better and let them know what they should work on. Then it is up to them whether they follow or they don’t follow my advice. But I really try to get them work. I tell them, right now this is what you can get and before you get it, you have to form a plan on how you would get it.

How is your growth as a company?
Well, it has always been increasing and we thank God that we have been getting new clients and new offers everyday.

How do you find these new clients?
After a certain point of time, you don’t search for clients because you already made a name and that is more important and this is how the media industry works. So every day, I get new profiles of models because when I send my artists to auditions to many places, they hear about my company.  And, then they also want to work, everybody wants to work, and I have my contacts in production houses. I try to find my own link and I have been going to new lengths like attending events to find new clients. I have been getting assignments for several models and our agency is the one managing their work.

So, you meet most of your potential clients primarily through events?
Yeah , what is more important for me today  is finding models and finding talents and then I find work for them because my existence depends only on getting work for these models.  I have a way of categorizing talents around their look and everything.

Where do you see yourself going in the future in terms of Angelz Models?
The film industry is a very complicated industry. There are good things and bad things attached to it. If I can create one big star, then I think I have done justice to my work.

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