09 December 2019

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Focusing on Future Career Growth

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Ahamed Khalid is the co-founder and CEO of Axiom Academy. Axiom Academy provides training for engineering students who are pursing courses in B.E, B.Tech, B.S, AMIE, M. E & M. Tech from different universities. Axiom was founded in 2008 by Ahamed Khalid and his partner and the company has already notched up annual revenues of Rs 2 crore and has been profitable from the 2nd year of it’s operations.

Please tell us something about yourself and your company?
I did my schooling from Keins in Tamil Nadu and did my Automobile Engineering from MIT, Chennai. After completing my graduation, I worked with Bajaj Auto Ltd for a year and then ventured out to start Axiom Academy.

Axiom is a premium education and training firm, focusing on imparting competitive exam training and skill development to graduate students. I started with 2 faculties and 10 students in July 2008, we have grown multifold in the last 4 years.

How did you start off as an entrepreneur?
I won’t say that entrepreneurship was as an accident. I wanted to be an entrepreneur right from my college days. But the timing was not planned. I thought of working for a couple of years, and then I wanted to do an MBA from a reputed institute. But when the business idea came to my mind, it was difficult to hold back. I called Prasanna (my friend, class mate and my business partner) to discuss about the idea and within 10 days we decided we will venture out on our own.

What are your primary reasons for being an entrepreneur?
The idea. The concept is what drove me to this business. We found an opportunity and we wanted to capitalize on it. The other reasons are pretty much common like that of any other entrepreneur.

Tell us more about your company Axiom Academy, what is the mission of this company and what do you aspire to achieve out of it?
Though there are several educational institutes across the country, Axiom Academy is different in its own terms. We decided to address the need where there are no organized players.

If you take coaching for IIT-JEE or CAT, there are many renowned players who are well established and organized. Again fighting for a place in this race didn’t sound meaningful. Hence, we analyzed and got into some area where the market is big but there are no big players.

One good example I can mention here is engineering tuitions. If you take Tamil Nadu for example, there are 550+ engineering colleges and an average of 1 million students doing their engineering. If you analyze the results, hardly 50% of the students passed their exams. Assuming each student has to clear 12 papers every year, the number comes to 6 million backlog papers.The market potential is Rs 2400 Crore. Hence we decided to include this in our course portfolio. Similarly we chose other courses like BANK PO exams, TANCET, Pre-placement training ,etc.

Our goal was to reach as many students as possible across different parts of the country. We trained 25,000+ students last year and we want to reach 1 million students in the next 5 years.

What is the start-up capital of Axiom Academy?
The start-up capital for Axiom Academy was Rs 20 lakhs. We raised these funds from friends, relatives and known people apart from our own funds.

Are you looking to raise capital? If yes, how much?
Yes, we are looking to raise capital for expansion of Axiom Academy. We are looking for funding in the range of Rs 1 crore to fuel our growth and expansion plans.

Is your business generating revenues? Are you profitable?

Yes. We were profitable from the 2nd year onwards.

What are your annual revenues? How much revenue have you generated so far?
Our annual revenues for 2011-2012 was Rs 2.2 Crore. We have generated revenues of more than Rs 4 Crores since we started.

What are your future plans for Axiom Academy? How do you envision the future of Axiom Academy?
As I mentioned earlier, we are looking for a wider reach. We want our presence in more than 50 cities in the next 5 years. And I have a vision to reach 1 million students as well.

What have been your key learnings since starting your business?
In the last 3+ years of my entrepreneurial life, I have learned more than what I have learned in school or college. Though, one thing I can single out is hard work. The initial journey is really tough. I had to adjust my entire life style. But we were focused and worked hard. Today, we are seeing the results for it. Do not repeat making the same mistake again is the other lesson I learned.

Is there anything you regret?
I have no regrets so far. My journey with Axiom has been wonderful. Every mistake we committed taught us very some valuable lessons.

What advice would you give a young entrepreneur just starting-off in business?
Today most entrepreneurs are looking for funding and they think funding is the only way to run the business. I would suggest you to focus on the business. If you are looking for funding at an early stage, you will lose. Rather, generate revenues, show some stability and then look for funding.

Few entrepreneurs have become rich overnight. It will not happen overnight. You have to toil hard for your success. You have to work at least 5 times as much as you worked in your previous job.

Who is your role model? What did you learn from your role model?
I don’t have any specific person as role model. As the famous saying goes “Everyone you meet is a teacher for you and you have to learn something from every person you meet”.


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