23 January 2020

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Succeeding in the Corporate Gifts Arena

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Gracetown Worldwide’s primary business is the manufacture of plastic ID Cards, ATM Cards, Membership / Privilege Cards and Airline Baggage Tags. Gracetown Worldwide designs, manufactures and sets up the complete ID card system that includes the software and hardware for several schools and colleges in Mumbai. After the success in the manufacture of digital security cards. Gracetown Worldwide has diversified it’s services into personalized corporate gifts, advertising and computer graphics.

Gracetown Worldwide was founded by Chacko George in 2001. George was instrumental in setting up the creative department of Cactus Marketing & Advertising in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia for a well known business group in Ethiopia. With George’s pioneering efforts Cactus Marketing and Advertising became one of the most well known advertising companies in Ethiopia with clients such as Coca-Cola, Kodak, DHL, DStv, Western Union, Ethiopian Civil Aviation Authorities and other major luxury and five star hotels in Ethiopia.

On one of his visits to Mumbai to visit family, George saw some great opportunities in India. Due to family obligations, George decided to stay back in India and explore these opportunities in India. George had some used equipment with him like computers and some hardware that he had got along with him from Ethiopia. With this equipment George plunged into entrepreneurship. George fondly says “My first client was IBM and I got paid Rs. 5000 for my first project. I used this Rs 5000 to open a bank account.”

Keys to Success
Never give up  –  George says, “One of the keys to success is to never give up. Sometimes things will look so difficult and impossible, you feel like giving up. But it’s important as entrepreneurs never to give up.” Strong relationships – One of the biggest reasons for Gracetown’s success over the years has been it’s focus on building strong relationships with clients. Although Gracetown has invested in online marketing at times, their main focus has been to build the business through referrals. Many of Gracetown’s clients have been with Gracetown for several years and continue to use Gracetown’s services because Gracetown has placed a strong emphasis on client relationships.

George says, “At times, the cost of the raw materials we use to manufacture plastic cards can increase. But we do not try to renegotiate our contract with the client. We take the hit and we keep the client.” Building the business through strong ethics has been one of the foundations of Gracetown Worldwide. Need analysis – Another key to success has been the willingness of Gracetown to focus on market needs and the willingness to change their service offerings according to the needs of the market.

Gracetown Worldwide has been another great success story that started with extremely low start-up capital and has gone on to achieve remarkable success in a short span of 10 years.  A great contributor to the success of this company has been it’s focus on relationship building and strong ethics.


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