10 December 2019

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Innovative Management Approach by Analyzing Constraints

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Prasun ChowdhuryConstraints can be so important in our lives as they really drive and influence our decisions. And decisions are vital component of successful business. In this direction Dr. EliyahuGoldratt, established Theory of Constraints which is now been interestingly applied by Mr Prasun Chowdhury, Founding Director of Avenir Management Services Private Limited in the field of business management. Smaller businesses are the key focus segment for this consulting firm.

Prasun actually began his consultancy career in the year 1995 with ECS Limited as a Principal Consultant. As a senior member of the strategy practice of the company, he was assigned with specific deputation roles for its JV partner, SDG, USA.

He was associated with the company for than 8.5 years and during his tenure, he facilitated many Fortune 500 companies in Europe and US in crafting global and regional strategies in energy, automobile and technology industries. In the year 1998, he added one more name to his portfolio and got associated with Strategic Decisions Group, where he was assigned the role of a Senior Consultant. For nearly 5 years, he handled their various operations and delivered impeccable results.

Avenir Management Services is an innovative management consulting firm that helps organizations plan and implement profit multiplication initiatives by creating a decisive competitive edge. This organization has been in existence for more than 8 years now and has successfully catered to the needs of various corporate houses.

Avenir is the largest Theory of Constraints (TOC) consulting company in India started by two veterans in management consulting—Prasun Chowdhury and Sanjay Ghoshal. Both professionals have been directly influenced and guided by Dr. EliyahuGoldratt.  Avenir has succeeded in establishing this new paradigm in the field of management consulting with the application of TOC in India.

Today, Avenir has 40 consultants spread across India and North America, working on more than a dozen projects, enabling companies achieve significant increase in their bottom line.

The company’s vision to succeed has portrayed the strengths of the company not only in India but also in North America, witnessing its management theory with successful case studies of past and ongoing engagements.

In the past eight years Avenir has worked on more than 50 projects, spanning small-sized, medium-sized and large-sized companies.  Most of the projects of Avenir are with manufacturing companies, as that is where TOC is best applied, though some clients from the service industry have also benefitted from Avenir’s TOC expertise.

The projects Delivers

  • Profit Multiplication in B2B
  • Profit Multiplication in Distribution
  • Sales Improvement
  • Cash Release
  • Project Time Cut Down
  • Lead Time Reduction in MRO
  • Services  Business


Theory of Constraints (TOC) is a management philosophy and an approach in determining the limiting factor in the flow of any system, and developing solutions to overcome these limitations to reach the milestones in a way that will achieve the buy-in of the all the key stakeholders.

A for-profit organization typically will have three goals of making money, having customer satisfaction and having satisfied employees. Among these, the most measurable is making money. In case of a hospital, the focus is on having healthy patients.

However what is common to both these disparate systems is a flow that needs to be managed to achieve the goal. There is a flow of work in a commercial enterprise focusing on projects while in a hospital there is a flow of people. Similarly, for a manufacturing organization, there is a flow of products to be managed.

TOC as a body of knowledge has seen significant development and expansion over the last two decades. There are three broad components that make up the body of knowledge.


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