09 December 2019

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Team Work in Action

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Founders of AAPL. From Left: Mr. Rizwan M.Khadri,, Mr Vatsal Joshi, Mr Bhavik B Nandi and Mayank H. Ghedia A team of young enthusiastic architects graduating from M.S.U, Baroda, sat near a roadside café, dreaming about making it big in the Mecca of architecture, Ahmadabad. They built up a common dream to rise above the ordinary and indulge in fair and ethical practice, true to their roots and upbringing.

Vatsal Joshi, one of the Directors of AAPL based at Ahmadabad, shares with Small Enterprise India the story of their steep rise to the top in the field of architecture.

They started working for stalwarts in their own field while doing their own projects at evenings, meeting up at Vatsal Joshi’s residence. Very soon, they found enough work to get on their own feet and quit their respective jobs. They put their heart and soul into the projects and kick started a successful practice in the name of “The Associates.”

The team of architects was none other than Mr. Bhavik B Nandi, Mr. Mayank H. Ghedia, Mr. Rizwan M.Khadri, and Mr. Vatsal C.Joshi. They bought their first office of nine hundred square feet and moved into it in 1995.Haed work paid off well and practice grew by leaps and bounds and they had to rent more space to accommodate their growing staff. When space crunch loomed large, they found their new work place of 4800 sqfeet in a corporate office building designed all by themselves – the Maurya Atria.

“We are the Associated Architects Pvt Ltd, a firm providing architectural and interior design services since 1992. We were originally five architects and we graduated from the M.S.University of Baroda, India. The central consideration behind the conception of this practice was of course, team work. Team work to address the diverse necessities of a diverse clientele and diverse projects; team work for combining of skills, team work for quality control, and therefore, total quality project management. Team work is still our “raison d etre”- explains Vatsal Joshi.

Now the core team of AAPL consists of the four architects who are also the directors of the company- Bhavik Nandi, Mayank Ghedia, Rizwan Khadri and Vatsal Joshi. Mr. Manish Pancholi, one of the founder members is now based in Melbourne, Australia after pursuing further studies in Project Management. These young men have been working together since the inception of the company and are committed to their work over and above everything else, and believe staunchly in the values of transparent work ethics.

These Directors attribute the success of their venture to the getting together of likeminded people who share  common morals of honesty and hard work, adaptability to situations and being supportive of each other.

AAPL deals with a huge variety of projects ranging from individual residences, farmhouses, party plots to large scale housing, commercial, institutional, hospitality and healthcare as well. In effect, they are a single destination shop where their clients can avail of all construction related services under one roof.

Their mantra at work is “Appropriate architecture”. They evaluate each project according to its type, functional needs, budgets, size, aesthetic demand, inclination of user and other relevant parameters.

Vatsal Joshi also added, “We conceptualize each project with relevance to climate, context and location. This analysis is used to arrive at appropriate design decisions and appropriate construction solution. Design development is done by a series of massive exercises and modeling at various stages of project progress until a completely satisfactory result is achieved. “

AAPL has a fully equipped and a sound work environment with all necessary facilities to achieve desired results efficiently. Imaginative and innovative design skills, understanding of site and construction materials, their possibilities and limitations help them to deliver the right results each time.

AAPL today has grown into an institute by itself and comprises of a strong team of professionals. Currently, AAPL is handling projects of more than fifty lakhs sqft on board and site.

A business venture is never static. As these four friends got together for a common goal, architectural excellence was the primary focus and money, a byproduct. Joshi further pointed out, “Initially, we felt as though plunged into a big market without enough contacts or resources. We worked on projects in small cities and towns around Gujarat, while consolidating in Ahmadabad too. This tactic helped us both in terms of money and experience and also helped us to not lose out on the main market.”

AAPL had availed of a bank loan of Rs 3 lac in 1995 to purchase their 900 sq feet office and a bank loan much later in 2010, of Rs 50 lac foe their 4800 sq feet office.

The Directors of AAPL have a word of advice to share with fellow entrepreneurs- to always create a goal with a distant vision and be prepared to be focused, since there would be a lot of distractions along the way. “For instance, being architects ourselves, we had many offers throughout our journey, from allied fields such as construction, developers, business ventures, and so on , but we stayed focused on architecture only , or else, we could never  have achieved what we have now,” Joshi emphasized.

AAPL intends to work nationally as well as in joint ventures with international firms. They also intend to get into single destination shop for all services such as architecture, interiors, structure, electrical utility, HVAC, landscape, graphics and 3D animation.

This is indeed a rare case of four creative people coming together to work as a team for almost 18 years now and still going about it successfully, in this age of joint ventures and mergers.




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