21 January 2019

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Floral Extravaganza

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A profusion of flowers in various  hues and sprays, and in the midst of it all, stands  Molly Prakash, a charming  lady. ‘Petals’ is  run exclusively  by Mrs Molly Prakash,  from the confines of her home. Basically  a very  creative and homely  lady,  she channelises her artistic talents to creating the  most beautiful and  bouquets, garlands, floral decorations, etc.


As a child, Molly was very creative and passionate about art.  Her parents too were very talented and artistically inclined, and it is from them that she has inherited this innate creative spark. Her mother was a good seamstress and her, father , an army officer, was an extremely talented artist.

Married to Mr Prakash  at a very  young age,  she shelved her pursuit of art to focus  more on  familial affairs. Once, it so happened that her brother dropped in to visit the young couple and  Molly  presented him with a couple of  beautifully and tastefully arranged floral vases. He was impressed and he opined that such rare talent should not be allowed to go untapped and he successfully persuaded Prakash to allow her to start a flower shop at home.

 It was thus, that fifteen years back Petals’ was started and it is now a huge success. Initially, she used to manage a florist  shop by the same name.  Between  rushing back and  forth  from home to shop,  dividing her  time  between both,  she was not able to  concentrate  fully on the  running of ‘Petals’  and one of her  staff took  undue advantage  of this situation  and pilfered  money  from the shop.

It was then , that she decided to  operate solely  from home. She even conducts classes in flower arrangement at home.  Molly undertakes orders for floral decorations at weddings, conferences, and other memorable functions.  Her  clientele is vast  and ranges from well known hotels and restaurants in the  city of Ernakulam to nationalized banks , individual clients, etc.Sarovaram, Bharat Tourist Home,   Renaissance group of hotels, NEST, Federal bank, SBT, SBI, Axis bank, HDFC bank, Marikkar engineers.. the list is endless.

A lot of her individual customers who keep giving repeated orders form an entirely separate section among her clients. They keep coming  back  solely because of her unique creations . Molly has  employed four workers to assist her in hall decorations for conferences and seminars. Every month she takes up five to six  orders for wedding décor, which she prices from a minimum of 3500 to a maximum of  30, 000 according  to the budget and preferences  of her clients. Month on month, Molly grosses business for nearly Rs/-2,00,000.

She procures flowers  from Bangalore  and jasmine  flowers from  Coimbatore. When the weather conditions turn  inclement  at Banglore, she turns to a friend  for her requirement of anthuriums and  orchids.’People prefer flowers from Bangalore -  there are over a hundred varieties  of flowers available there. Liliums, which belong to the lily family  cost Rs 60 per flower. Carnations, roses, gerbera- the list is endless. Each flower is seasonal and has a lot of varieties available. You need to be well aware of the seasons when each flower is available. April and May are busy months due to the onset of the wedding season. This is when I face a shortage of flowers from Bangalore’- says Molly.
‘I personally teach and train my staff. I even work solely on a floral arrangement that costs around 3500. I love this, its beautiful and it gives me immense peace of mind and a profound sense of achievement’- smiles Molly.

‘The major advantage is I am my own boss , and I can  experiment with my  creativity . I earn a solid profit of 50,000 to 60,000 each month, working from home. I m also able to spend quality time with my family’.

The best reward for her artistic floral creations are the compliments galore that are heaped on her by her clients.

Kairali TV too ranks at the top on her list of clients.

Molly is a lady of multiple talents . An expert cook, poet, artist, and an avid reader of books and novels, she truly leads a fulfilling life , Her spare time is devoted to reaching out to women  who need encouragement and  truly motivating them  on all fronts. She believes firmly in empowering women and devotes a lot of time towards taking up social causes pertaining to this..


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