24 January 2020

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Kailas Kuteeram: Heaven on Earth...!

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Kailas kuteeram, at Kachamaranahalli, Banglore, is a paradise on earth visualised and created by a unique couple,  Ashok and Shanthi.  Ashok kumar, is a chartered accountant and a partner in K.B.Nambiar Associates. And his true passion is in growing and nurturing plantations. Ashok  has green fingers and whatever he plants or sows, takes root and grows lushly.

The couple have on their own visualized , planted and nurtured  an exclusive organic farm in just two acres of land. Name any vegetable or fruit, and you have it here. Guavas, avocadoes,  papayas, and more.. you have it in abundance.

‘Ashok plans it  all out – what needs to be planted, when they have to be manured, mulched etc and gives direction to the gardener to do so. ‘ – explains Shanti. Pesticides are never used at kailas kuteeram  and they get the best yield. We sell as well as consume our own  organic food and it gives us immense satisfaction on all counts’.

Cabbages , spinach(palak)green papayas ,tapioca,drumsticks it’s a virtual feast for the eyes to see all of them in abundance ready to be picked.!.Shanti took us next to the herbal gardens and here we found lemon grass,neem,tulasi,bhrahmi,ajjwain and aloe vera.’We have not wasted even a little space’ affirms Shanti.. apart from these we have our own coconut palmgrove and banana plantation. We make our own pure coconut oil. The coconuts grown here are just about 6 feet in height and so we do not require outside labor to pick them.

‘We have incorporated rain water harvesting From the roof, we have placed PVC pipes which go directly into the tanks placed inside our house. These tanks serve as fish tanks and are ornamental too with beautiful water lilies growing out of them. Thus these serve a triple purpose.- rain water harvesting , fish tanks and add a decorative twang to the house.
 Even the house is built in laurie beker style.’They have dug a huge pit from where mud was taken for construction of the house.it is 8 feet deep and the pit has been retained because in the rainy season the water collects in the pit and raises the water table. Pipes have been inserted from various parts of the land into this pit.

Coconuts are directly sold to the retail shops.The couple have plans of employing more man power and make it fully commercial. A little space of land is still left vacant and here they have plans of planting ragi and legumes.

Shanti sells white melons and pumpkins too from this organic farm.The With people being more health conscious there is a mushrooming need for organic vegetables and fruits. The only fertilizers used here are neem cakes and cowdung.

A milk farm is also being planned for the future. Ashok and Shanti are particular that their produce be sold mostly to people who really value organic food. Future plans include buying more land  and planting cardamom , pepper, peas and tea. Shanti loves pickling and she has learnt a lot of recipes from friends. Goosebery, mango,amla and mango combination and green mango pickles are her favorites. With a little more additional labor Shanti hopes to venture into the pickling industry.

It is truly a heaven on earth , a paradise away from all the madness and hustle of city life. We wish the couple great success.


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