09 December 2019

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Humlog: The Power of 'We'

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A stronger ‘I’ makes a stronger ‘We’ and a stronger ‘We’ gives a stronger voice to ‘I, that is the credo of  Humlog, Chandigarh based Not-for-profit Independent Health Promotion initiative, started by Dr. Gaurav Chhabra. The mission of Humlog is to empower the masses with sound knowledge of healthy behavior and development of social environment conducive to health. ‘’We have been working towards our goal by means of producing films on health issues for the cause of health promotion without any external funding’’ adds Chabria.

 Humlog relies on the collective power of ‘WE’, that is ‘I’ raise to the power of ‘we’! We are working towards Health Promotion of the masses by using the principles of Development communications, specially using the powerful media of Video-films. Health of course in its wider meaning and in fact least we mean the 'medical ' part of it.

Dr Gaurav chhabra is a Chandigarh based Social activist and an Independent film maker.After pursuing bachelors in Medicine & surgery, from Ahmadabad, he infused his childhood passion for Visual arts into the field of health and thus emerged the practice of Public Health Communications, which he presently is pursuing through his independent non-profit initiative, called Humlog, using Video films as a major tool for positive social change on the local issues .

Coming from a small town , Yamunanagar , Dr Chhabra in last two and a half years, has made the city of Chandigarh his Karmabhoomi and has made niche  in the domain of development communications .His films have travelled most of the film festivals in the country. His zero budget Film 'The Mudcake' won 1st prize at WHO Global health film contest -07 leaving behind thousands of entries across the globe. Presently he is working on the research of script for his feature film which is a reflection of the generation which has been forced to believe that 'nothing can be done in India...System itself is wrongful!' The film would be an attempt to infuse culture of Neo-patriotism in the citizen of the country.

His latest film Green Warrior has turned into a successful campaign to save the Heritage Pond in Sector 26, Chandigarh and has already been screened in over a dozen and a half institutes in the city. The film is 35 min long and was made using a simple handy cam, over a period of 6 months. The film is based on factual information obtained through RTI act and strongly promotes the vision that ' Actions at local level can bring about a global change.'


Health Activism

There is a felt need of extra effort /extra step towards the promotion of Health activism and it is very much essential for preserving the health of people in the future days. This is the basics of Health activism.

Health activism is not only just a tool for health promotion but also encompasses the entities of Health education/B.C.C. and relies strongly on transforming Public health professionals to Health activists .What more, their role extends to inoculating the seeds of health activism among the community members and thus constantly raising a new crop of health activists for the cause of health promotion.

A public health activist, in addition to his epidemiological skills uses the principles of Development communications and a sound mix of public relations, social marketing behaviour change communications and advocacy techniques to bring about the desired outcomes.

The need for independent Public Health Communication agencies which provide unbiased ‘research and search’ solutions for development of appropriate Health communication strategies and as well Health education material development is immense.

Such agencies can work as independent self sustainable NGOs and can generate revenues from:

a. Health communications consultancy
b. Health education material development and production
c. Health education training and H.R. development

Such an organisation also provides and ideal setup to nurture the concept of Health activism by promoting the participatory involvement of community members by giving them a platform to put forward their voices on various health issues.

Last but of most importance is to recognize the need for development of trained Human resource for the field of health communications.As no specialised masters courses are available in our country, and the foreign education gives a total different perspective of the problems and its solutions there is need to develop the courses indigenously at our national institutes as it is very essential.

Humlog undertakes:

• Audio-visual production (Films, documentaries)
• Print media (posters, banners, brochures, hoardings, booklets, and flip-books, etc.)
• Traditional /Folk media (street plays, stage plays)
• New Media (animations and Web-communications)
• Health communication consultancy (BCC strategies)

Presently Humlog’s focus is on:

1. Designing public health messages and campaigns and strategies.
2. Advocacy, social marketing for health services /products/systems.
3. Patient education
4. Inter/intra- organisational communications

All above mentioned activities are on Not-for-Profit basis and the funds generated will be used for our main objective that is Health Promotion. The quality is assured by outsourcing the projects to the professionals at par with the best in the field so that the project is perfect on aesthetic as well as technical grounds.


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