21 January 2019

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KSS Babu: True Example of Multifaceted Personality

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Mr.KSS Babu is a person who always strives to be different in all aspects. A post graduate from Symbiosis Pune, Babu is out and out a self made man. He is a business development strategist based at Mumbai and runs his own firm “Different Stroakes”. He was warmly eloquent while sharing with Small Enterprise, his sojourn over the years. “My father was in Defence, and I always believed in being independent. Earn while you learn was my policy. And my leaning has always been towards business development and communication, sales and marketing”.

Even while Babu was at college, he always strove to augment his own resources, be it for himself or for various projects he was involved in. In fact, he was the director of fund raising for Rotaract Club, Director of health for Children in need- a German based organization. He was also involved in encouraging and working for an institute called Wadia Enlightenment Scheme, wherein the seniors at his college opted to teach the juniors.

With a keen eye for strategy, planning and development, Babu decided to cash in on his strength and ventured into business development. He has handled all forms of business development plans over the past twenty five years. Babu has been associated with many leading brands on their successful business development plans for both the domestic and global markets. In most cases, it had been “start up” function wherein he has been totally involved in all aspects of business development - sales, marketing and communication.

“I usually get myself involved in every stage of the business development, right from planning till the successful execution of approved plans. The owners thus are able to focus totally on production and technical related issues, since I handle the over all business development activities”- explains Babu.

Being a seasoned professional, Babu is not keen on setting up his own venture and this attitude has stood him in good stead in continuing to maintain goodwill and good relations with the top entrepreneurs of firms he has been associated with over the last two decades.

With a touch of humor, Babu opines” It is rightly said that consumerism and materialism have given people three ailments- hurry, worry and curry. Worry is just interest paid on trouble before it is due. That is what I have been handling till date for various family/ professionally run organisations and business empires. I literally take worry out of their minds”

Babu owes his success to the owners and director’s decision to give absolute freedom of operation to him, within the ambit of their policy decisions. “I have made the directors or owners to realize that, it is not by consolidation or concentration of powers, but by their distribution that good governance is affected. ‘Babu has been associated with many leading business families as their CEO/COO or Chief Group Advisor, taking care of overall business development needs in totality. He has been associated with IMFL/CL industry, edible and non edible oils, major office automation and stationary industry, major trading houses. He was involved in setting up of the building material division overseas to handle His Majesty’s properties at Oman. The division was handling international brand and was deeply involved with international architectural services too. In fact, there is hardly any arena that Babu has not ventured into.

“I took the bold step of entering this field since I discovered that there was no one to get in to or handle the dynamics of organisational process in terms of how a business is done, why is it done in the manner in which it exists, and how better it could be done. I believe that mistakes motivate our experiences and experiences decrease our mistakes. We learn from our mistakes and others learn from our success”- smiles Babu.

“My business in simple terms is to help people to start on a business venture from scratch and help them take it to a stage where they can make a decent turn over. I help entrepreneurs in adopting a practical approach to enhancing their business. Volume without profit is like eating soup with a fork, we keep busy but we always stay hungry’- explains Babu.

Babu’s vision is to make entrepreneurs from the South of India to venture into Mumbai and set up business here. “There are brands which need better support in South India and they are not handled well. – I would like to help make a difference in these brands and for the entrepreneurs from the South- make them think big and go global”- Babu.

According to Babu, people need to open their eyes, be aware and realise the truth and reality in their business operations; they need to go national, global and think in terms of making massive profits. “Its essential to go in to the dynamics of the organisational process”- affirms KSS Babu. .

Babu has currently undertaken a real estate line of function for the redevelopment project of Mumbai. He is in charge of the architectural, project management, legal and liasioning divisions of the same project. We wish him all success.

Mr. Babu‘s contact details- 09820035477.
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