10 December 2019

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Kanchana Paati: Synonym to Grandma's Affection and Wisdom

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Kanchana Paati is the perfect solution that all working mothers hope for. Most working mothers in the city of Chennai are torn between devoting time for their careers and setting aside time for quality parenting.

Kanchana Paati was conceived, developed and brought into reality by an amazing couple with a very creative bend of mind- Preeta and Suri.Preetha was working  with Siemens Info Systems as a senior consultant. Suri, an MBA, was also holding a high post in the corporate sector. Both of them were torn between pursuing their respective careers and spending time with their kids.

 “With both of us working, we needed our daughter to be enrolled in a good day care centre, but we found nothing that matched our requirements. We found that there were scores of parents like us who direly needed a good play school cum day care centre. We decided to cater to their needs and ours too.”- explains Suri. “It was then that we decided to resign from our respective jobs and start out on our own. Our first centre was started on August 15th, 2006 at Nungambakkam. Within four years, we have grown to over ten centres all over Chennai.”

Preeta and Suri wanted to start a play school which is unique, and the very best. “Whom would you entrust your kids to, with all confidence and trust? Definitely to the grandparents! A grand parent always showers love and affection on his/her grandchildren. We wanted kids enrolled in our playschool to have the same comfort level of being looked after by grandparents. Hence, we decided to name it differently as Kanchana Paati”. (Paati in Tamil means grand mom).

“We took upon ourselves a lot of responsibility. We provide vegetarian food here, so that mothers need not cook and pack breakfast, lunch or snacks for their children before rushing off to work.

Kanchana paati has a centralised menu designed by a nutritionist taking into consideration the dietary requirements of the children.

 The menu is planned every month, and the menu is centralised across all ten centres of Kanchana Patti.”  ‘’We take special care to be employee friendly too”. - confirms Suri.

This unique couple is true pioneers in this venture. The day care starts as early as 8 AM. Kanchana paati is open till 8PM, so that maximum stress is alleviated for the working mother.

Thematic, value based curriculum at Kanchana Paati is designed by expert educationists and consultants who help each year is streamlining the system of education. Teachers get specially trained and regular workshops are conducted for them . Children as young as 91 days old are absorbed into the system.’ The maternity leave for women is just for 90 days. From the 91st day, we take over. “- smilingly explains Preeta.

Kanchana paati has three divisions. From the 91st day to one year, is the crèche or “My Grandma’s Place’, as it is aptly named. From one and a half year to four years, are the play group and pre-school which are again named aptly as My First School. The after school activity centre is named as My Activity centre.

Montessori and play way method of education is the curriculum set for them in a thematic methodology, to evoke interest for learning in the kids. Children even from 10th standard are allowed to stay back here and join in after school activities.

 When Preeta and Suri look out for places to set up new centres, they prefer old houses with plenty of space and vegetation all around. Kanchana Paati is not air-conditioned as the couple firmly believes that children are more prone to catch infection in an air-conditioned environment than otherwise.

Kanchana paati has several after school activities. My Grandma’s Place or Kanchana paati has its own library corner. Preeta and Suri also help to organize birthday parties for kids.

Parents can happily leave their kids here if they want to go partying on a New Year’s Eve The duo pride themselves on organising theme new year gala parties each year.

At any point of time, there are sixty five kids at each of the centres. For the kids who stay late , home work assistance too is provided. After 4.30, children are encouraged to indulge in outdoor sports or activities of their choice.” We have corporate tie ups with HCL, TCS, ABN AMRO (RBS) CSC, MICROSOFT, etc. The rates we charge for all our services at our centres are very nominal too and we concentrate on making working moms happy.” – Suri.” I want to give back to children the childhood we enjoyed as kids. Nowadays children are caught up in a demanding and restless world and are deprived of the simple pleasures of life. We aspire to give back to them at least a little of what we had enjoyed as kids.”- affirm both Preeta and Suri.

Kanchana paati has become very popular all over Chennai and in neighboring states too and the couple plan on setting up their unique venture in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Kerala too.


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