05 December 2019

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They are made for each other, both in life and business. For this Goa based couple-Leonard Fernandes and Queenie Fernandes, life revolves around books, book lovers and authors.Started their stint with Dogearsetc.com in 2006, an online book store where users can trade in old books and audio visuals, they have walked a long way. They made a foray into publishing in 2007, through –CinnamonTeal Print & Publishing Services, and today they have a one-stop-shop for book lovers and authors.

Dogears Print Media Pvt Ltd is a company that provides various print-related services. The sourcing services have a wide network among publishers and booksellers around the globe. They will source books on any subject from book sellers around the globe for students, researchers and institutions. Besides, books published by independent publishers and self-publishers can list their books in their online bookstore.

The publication service under CinnamonTeal is a one-stop-shop for authors. They offer print-on-demand services for authors who wish to self-publish and also undertake pre-publishing services from editing to designing.

A book retail concept has also launched recently to encourage individuals to spare a small place in their homes, offices or shops to sell books with their assistance under their wing- www.fivex5.com.

After doing MBA from the Fisher College of Business at the Ohio State University, Leonard had worked with Tata Infotech and later for Paros Business Partners for about 2 years. Queenie Fernandes, holds a Masters in economics from Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics, Pune. When their love for books and dream of entrepreneurship clubbed, they started Dogears in 2006 as an online bookstore for used books. Now, Leonard manages the retail aspects of the business and Queenie manages dogears and ‘The Publisher's Post’, their online magazine dedicated to the book industry in India.

We would like to know more about print-on-demand.

The current publishing industry is biased towards books that can sell only in large numbers and as the process is time consuming too. Many upcoming or wannabe authors are facing a dilemma due to this. Self publishing which uses POD ( Print on Demand ) is quick, efficient and cost-effective option to writers who are eager to be out quickly. Authors also have an option to print books in required quantities however less it is.

The book’s copyright too rests with the author, and he also decides its price. Also as the services are non-exclusive so authors can look for regular publishers simultaneously. Once you’ve got your printed copy in hand, you can either list it on the publishers’ website or distribute it yourself.

Please tell us about the costs for self publishing.

Print-on-demand is costlier than offset printing on the price per book. But as you can print fewer copies, the total outlay is lower. The total cost will be less if numbers are more. Other advantage is that authors can make much more on every book they sell, whereas traditional publishers pay the writer an 8% to 10% commission.

In the traditional way, publishers market the books. How do you help authors?

We are helping authors by providing a free listing of books on our sites and we also stocks the book at select stores for three months. We also organise free book launches. Besides, CinnamonTeal have tie up with online book stores like India Plaza and Flipkart.com.

What are the procedures for getting published?

Once your manuscript is ready, you can contact us online. You need to enter the basic details of your book in our site like its genre, dimension, number of pages, type of cover, and number of copies. The website will generate an estimate.
The cost depends on all these parameters. Once you’ve got your initial quote, you can submit your manuscript online.

Hurdles and Competitions facing?

In India, there are five similar companies at present. As a business, self-publishing is still quite young in India, so competition is high.

In what way is your product /service different from your competitors ?

Unlike our competitors, we provide a one-stop solution for self-publishers. While there are others who provide either pre-press services, printing services or marketing services, we are the only company that provides everything they need.

Moreover, we hand-hold authors through the entire process so that they feel involved during the production of their book. We store all our books in a ready-to-print digital format.

We print even a single copy, while others insist minimum 25 copies or more.

How prospective is this concept?

Our start up is so hot because we offer to partner with anybody who can provide any or all of the services that we do. We thus help people launch into the publishing business themselves.

They started the business with their own personal savings and with no dependence on any external funding. Started with a minimum investment they are creating waves in their industry. They say “there are greater chances in emerging areas rather than in established industries”.


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