25 January 2020

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Conquering Heights of Success

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Nand Govind, Chairman and Managing Director of Montieth Motors Pvt. Ltd, is not only a very successful entrepreneur but also a true good Samaritan.The personification of undying enthusiasm, energy and vigor, Nand Govind agreed to share with Small Enterprise India, his success story.

Born and brought up in Chennai, nevertheless, he hails from Cheruvalloor in Malappuram district of Kerala and belongs to the Naduvazhi Nambiar family.  After completing his studies in mechanical engineering from College of Engineering, in Chennai, he worked as a sales officer in a firm for six months. He decided within such a short span, that he was not cut out to follow, but to lead. He wanted to be his own boss, and not work long hours for someone else.

He had always had a passion for automobiles and being a mechanical engineer by profession, he started his own heavy vehicle maintenance workshop with a meager capital of Rs. 800 and one worker to assist him. This was way back in 1975.  Now, the self same venture has grown to become Montieth Motors Pvt. Ltd, automotive engineers and government contractors. The company has grown to astounding proportions, with a man power of over 800 to 900 workers. The company undertakes body building, rebuilding and maintenance of heavy vehicles.

He is a licensed government contractor with the Tamil Nadu government, too, and undertakes annual maintenance contract for maintaining government vehicles .The same licence helps him to venture into Andhra Pradesh and take up annual maintenance work for heavy vehicles there too. Nand Govind travels as a team with over 200 workers at a time, to complete his maintenance work out there.Vijayawada, and Ramagundam are just two places in Andhra Pradesh, where he has undertaken heavy vehicle maintenance contract.

The main drawback of this industry right now, is lack of man power. Nandgovind procures a lot of work, but sometimes, he faces acutely, the problem of insufficient workers to complete tasks. He was even willing to recruit students from ITI, but they were unwilling to work in the automotive industry, on the grounds that, MNC; s like Nokia pay much more than the automotive industry.

Nand Govind being an astute businessman has already taken measures to diversify. His focus nowadays is on procuring acres of land, building compound walls around them: plant fruit bearing trees on these acres of land. A few years down the line, he sells the fruits on contract to wholesale fruit pickers. He opines that this is a very lucrative endeavor, that does not require much investment or man power too. Nand Govind’s real estate firm, ‘Nandu’s Green Fields is on its way to reaching astounding growth in a very short span. He advises all his friends and colleagues to invest in real estate, when they have some funds to set aside.

Nandu’s Green Fields is located at Madhuranthakam, in Tamil Nadu. He initially bought ten acres of land, converted them into farm lands, bearing fruit trees. Way back in 1981, the property cost him just Rs. 30,000.Now the entire ten acres of land is worth over five crores.

Apart from being a shrewd business man and entrepreneur, Nand Govind is a true friend in every sense of the term. Not an ordinary friend, but a Good Samaritan friend of the down trodden and the underprivileged masses. Any one facing any crisis or problem, need only to contact Nand Govind, and be assured that the problem is as good as solved.

He believes firmly that no one ought to leave the world an orphan,  when they breathe their last: so , for all the unclaimed bodies that abound in the city, Nand Govind personally sees to it that those bodies are cremated ceremoniously. He performs the last rites for them himself. For the childless or those abandoned and relegated to living in old age homes,   Nand Govind is a son. He puts himself in their shoes, and empathises with them. So far, he has helped cremate over 900 bodies, unclaimed and those who breathed their last with no money set aside to perform the last rites.

He spends all his spare time in the company of orphaned children or old age homes. Birthdays and anniversaries of his family are celebrated at orphanages and old age homes. He wants his money to be spent, not on parties but for the masses. He believes in giving back to society, a part of what he has earned.

Nand Govind is a true entrepreneur, who believes in giving back to society a major share of what he has earned. The more he gives, the more he gets back. By way of blessings galore, and his business too flourishes.

“Any body can be a Good Samaritan, we must take the effort” Nand Govind states firmly in parting.

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