08 December 2019

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Dhananjay: 'Designing' New Laws of Success...

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Dhananjay Abhi Basavaraja is a classic example of how dreams can be realised, with just a little belief in oneself and determination to succeed. Based at Mysore, Dhananjay was the Project Manager at a prominent IT firm in Mysore until very recently.   A mechanical engineer with an MBA In marketing, it was during his tenure with the IT firm, that he was sent on deputation to Netherlands. There he observed that people living abroad had better infrastructural facilities, especially with regard to world class housing projects. Dhananjay felt that Indians were being sorely deprived of having beautiful homes with their own private space and gardens.

Thus a seed was sown in his mind and he clung to this dream. On his return back to India, Dhananjay felt totally disinclined about continuing in the IT Industry and decided to quit to pursue his dreams. His family was not too keen on him resigning from that IT firm and setting out to pursue a wild dream of building designer homes!  He consulted with a lot of professionals but received negative feedback. His engineering background stood him in good stead and he was able to visualise and sketch designs for homes, and he was well assisted by an artist who helped him to give a professional touch to his designs.

Banks declined to offer him any loans and he relied on just ten lakh he had saved up from his job His sister, settled in the US, advanced him another 20 lakh. With his marketing skills, he relentlessly persisted in talking to people about his designer homes. Finally, the 300th person, Mr. T.C. Swamy, acceded to him and liked Dhananjay’s concept. He generously advanced him a cheque for ten lakh: two of Dhananjay’s friends too agreed to the project.

 From then on there has been no looking back for him . Dhananjay’s projects are truly unique, in the sense that, they are all of one single design. For a twenty house project, the first ten would all be one single design and the next twenty, a different one. With the completion of his first project Sanvi (www.sanviprojects.in), he had easily achieved his goal of undertaking and completing a ten crore project.

“It has not been easy sailing. I had to fight with laborers, and contractors to get my work done. But with perseverance and visualisation, I have achieved what I set out to’’- smiles Dhananjay confidently. It has just been three years since he ventured out on his own. Now he has his own team of engineers, contractors, site engineers, around 30 odd people working for him.

He has commenced on his next project, at a different location in Mysore. It’s a fifteen crore project with thirty six houses. Each home would have individual garden area and the project is named Graviti 9.(www.graviti9.com) There are premium homes as well as middle level homes.

“I am happy to see that my clients can live in homes with gardens. So many people living currently in flats have approached me” – states Dhananjay. A premium home with 2100 sq feet area is priced at around 45 lakh. And a middle level home with 1600 sq feet area is priced at 36 lakh.

 Dhananjay  has not stopped with this. During his days at Infosys, he felt that his evenings were not put to use creatively.  Just three months back, he opened a garden restaurant right in front of Infosys  Mysore- the Golden Grass Multi cuisine restaurant spanning over 20,000 sq feet are.  The lawn area is beautifully utilised and decked in traditional style.

“ I have always stood by my own convictions and instincts . Now, I feel great about myself. My family had always doubted my capabilities and now they too appreciate my success”. – Smiles Dhananjay.





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