23 January 2020

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Suchona: Conquering the Heights of Success

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If Management is managing people, then the combination of managing the mind, market and business relationship can aptly be called Multiple Management. Suchona Patnaik,  Head of IMS Learning Resources, is an expert in Multiple Management. But the irony that makes her achievement incredible is that her expertise in management is innate, self-grown and without a certificate from a good management institute.

The other side of her accomplishment is as a teacher who believes that friendly exchange is more effective than a strict and inflexible attitude. Suchona speaks her mind on professional and personal convictions to Small Enterprise India.com.

You present that rare combination of young age and high position. What are the pink and grey sides of this?

I would call it a FAIR combination. Though it has its pink sides, at times it becomes a little difficult to convince people especially the conventional minded experienced ones but that’s where your fresh approach and individuality comes to play. Personally I feel people don’t accept a young person but then if somebody is well informed, knows her/his subject well and is confident, then it’s not a tough nut to crack.    

Your educational qualification, and profession are quite different from each other. Were these contrasts by choice or compulsion?

I completed my MA, English from Utkal University in 2006. Then I joined IMS Learning Centre in the same year as an English Faculty for the management entrance tests. Both of them were absolutely by choice. I feel that choice of academic stream or profession should be guided by a person’s interest in the subject. That’s the sole determiner for his or her success in the field.

As the Head of IMS, what are your main responsibilities?

I don’t have a straight jacketed corpus of responsibilities. Starting from overall Centre operations, counseling the students, preparing preparatory modules, counseling training capsules to giving classes to students preparing for various management entrance tests, I have to dispense my duties in various profiles.

What’s the formula to crack so many responsibilities without failure?

I don’t think it is an unachievable task. If you know the work, with proper planning and preparation, you can multi-task. Sometimes unexpected situations also prop up but one just needs to have nerves and be a little spirited.

 As a Head what do you find is the most difficult job?

The students who come to us don’t come just to get a few hours of formal training to crack an exam .They seek a solution. They are baffled by questions like should they opt for a job or study further after graduation. We should know every little details of every career option to lead them on the right track so that we don’t pounce on anybody who walks in and sell what we have to offer. There have been times where we turn down students who think they should do an MBA but are best suited for something else. I won’t call it a difficulty but definitely a pivotal role as a counselor.

Then will you agree that in spite of a commercial institute, IMS is less commercial?

Yes, without a doubt and that is what makes us stand out from the crowd.
You also play the role of an HR.  An HR is a psychologist? What do you feel?

Yes, a deep insight into the human nature definitely makes ones’ jobs easier. The best way is to put yourself in the other person’s place and then get a proper picture and take a call. I apply this in my marketing strategy also.

You even give classes. Are you more of a counsellor and less of a teacher for the students?

IMS for me stands for ‘I Mentor Students’. In the class I guide them in a particular topic that I am assigned to teach, outside it’s guiding them. It feels great when someone come seeking an advice and goes back with a smile and an expression of gratitude.

How do you change the pessimism of a defeated student into optimism?

Clichéd as it may sound ‘better try and fail but never fail to try’…leave no room for regret.

You are a good dancer also. What dance means to you?
It’s a process to rejuvenate myself. It unburdens me of the professional heckles. I count my performance in a play in ‘Orissa Sangit Natak Akademi’ at ‘Ravindra Mandap’, Bhubaneswar as an achievement.

What the Gospel truth of your  life and some words for the youngsters who wish to make a mark in their careers?

The gospel truth of my life is to strive to seek the better but not to yield to the pressure. Every young girl and boy should try discovering their field of interest to fair well in career and profession. They must not be driven by any external factors. Most importantly, an honest attitude is the key to success.




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