10 December 2019

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The Art of Mastering the Web

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Munesh Singh Jadoun, the CEO of ZNet Technologies was only 20 years old when he set off to start his own venture. Today, he says, the success of his company is built around top-notch customer service and right pricing structure.

ZNet Technologies (formerly known as ZNet India) began as a very low-key startup providing web hosting services to its customers. Slowly and steadily, the small company has today transformed itself into one of the fastest growing hosting providers in India. “All this while, our main focus has always been reliable customer support and affordability,” explains Munesh Singh Jadoun, the CEO of ZNet Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

After completing his 12th Board education in 1997 from Government Senior Higher Secondary School in Bharatpur, Rajasthan, Jadoun enrolled himself for a BSc  at M. S. J. College in Rajasthan. After completing his BSc, Jadoun later went on to enroll himself for a Diploma from Khaitan Polytechnic College in Jaipur. “However, my heart was elsewhere and hence, I left education unfinished to pursue my dream of starting a company. I was only 20 years old then,” exclaims Jadoun.

Zeroing in on the right idea

Jadoun says that he had a huge interest in starting a web services company. As a webmaster however, he knew there were numerous hosting companies in India. But, many didn’t provide proper customer support whenever they faced technical problems. “Most of these hosting services providers had poor infrastructure that was shared and further rented out from a subcontractor,” adds Jadoun. “Hence when a customer support query was raised, the wait was long and pathetic and most often than not, the problems were left unresolved. Hence, I felt that I should take the plunge and do something on my own, even if at a very small scale.”

ZNet Technologies was conceptualised as ZNet India in 2002, in a small one room rented apartment in Jaipur. According to Jadoun, the driving force for him was to create a company that could provide hosting solutions in a unique way to customers in India. “In planning to do so, I felt the answer was not in competing with big and established brands, but in working out a different status for the ZNet brand. I actively toyed with the idea of 24 x 7 customer support to our clients and even after garnering much opposition from colleagues and well wishers, decided to implement it,” claims Jadoun.

Jadoun further adds that ZNet became the first hosting company in India to offer round the clock technical support to its hosting clients. Gradually, Jadoun comments, ZNet started gaining customer trust and took the road to acquiring partnerships with hosting infrastructure providers such as Microsoft, SoftLayer, SmarterTools, and GlobalSign. Not wanting to stop the streak of success, ZNet Technologies recently announced that it has started offering advanced Hyper-V powered VPS servers to Indian clients.

Tough start

When Jadoun first toyed with the idea of kick-starting his own venture, there were many questions on his mind – the biggest was obtaining funds. “Funds were a big problem because I hail from a modest family background. The road was evened when I borrowed Rs. 50,000 from my father to launch my own hosting company. I had no other source to turn to for funds as I was very young and inexperienced,” comments Jadoun. “Initially the company had two employees including myself. It operated, hence, on a proprietary level. The registration of the company came very recently. No managing partners or outside funding is involved.”

When Jadoun first started he did bump over many hurdles. He says, ZNet back then faced a huge lack of trained staff and steady flow of funds – those were our major hurdles. Also, since 2002, there was a time in 2006 when ZNet’s revenues fell. “The main reason for this was we had to suspend our Reseller Hosting function owing to less profitability. The real peak in revenues, however, was realised only a year ago in 2009, because we diversified into newer hosting territories and resumed our Reseller Hosting offering,” says Jadoun.

ZNet Technologies’ services and products are backed with a no-obligation 30 day refund policy, great support and incorporation of the latest technologies. Jadoun claims that customers today have grown used to such professional levels of service interactions and more often than not prefer ZNet Technologies over its competitors. “A high level of customer service is good as it always keeps us on our toes. ZNet Technologies today provides a wide range of services such as domain name registration, web hosting services (Windows, Linux and Java), business e-mail hosting, SSL certificates, dedicated and hyper-V powered VPS servers, and reseller hosting services,” adds Jadoun.

Future is rosy 

Jadoun is also involved in three new ventures – Netgrey, Jaipur Yellow Pages, and DotPulse. Netgrey is aimed at providing hosting solutions for PHP and Opensource related applications. The Jaipur Yellow Pages project meanwhile is meant to cater to small, medium and large business setups based out of Jaipur. On Jaipur Yellow Pages, businesses get an online space to showcase their offerings, literature, reviews, presentations, and so on to visitors on search engines, giving them newer leads and sales opportunities.

The DotPulse project on the other hand is a unique idea – it provides everything a person needs to set up a hosting company. A dynamic online business model is almost ready as part of DotPulse that offers resalable hosting products and solutions together with a dynamic website loaded with sales, billing, product management and technical support functions. “We will soon be also launching a unique “Hosting Infrastructure Management System” for web hosting consumers worldwide. We plan to expand in all major cities of India, so we can precisely respond to consumers’ needs. We would never dilute our focus on bettering customer service and never overlook our competitors regardless of how big or small they are,” explains Jadoun.

Jadoun says that young entrepreneurs should never feel shy of testing their business ideas out of fear of failure. Choosing risk over comfort levels is the first step, he adds. “So go out with a resolution and work hard. Good things take their own time to happen. Each day comes with loads of opportunities – so start early to realise your dreams. Young entrepreneurs should create a business plan that is low on investments and fast on reaching the breakeven levels. Continuous networking with other entrepreneurs and startups is also something they should be doing,” concludes Jadoun.


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