22 January 2020

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Climb the HR Ladder the 'Rajesh Way'

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Tall, fair, and sprightly, with a very enchanting smile, that is Rajesh Chugani for you. It was difficult to believe that this young and enterprising 30 year old was already heading his own HR consultancy firm in T – Nagar , Chennai.

A commerce graduate and a MBA from Loyola College, Chennai, and Rajesh left for Jamaica immediately after his studies, to work as a store manager.  There, he devoted his time to keenly observe how his boss went about conducting his business.

Two years later, he returned to India to join as HR consultant at Scale Pic Solutions. In the year 2000, he was appointed team leader at K Square, and continued with them for another two years.

The beginning of 2003 saw him take over as branch manager of a US based company, Clien and Bosch Management Consultants. Within eleven months, he was put in charge of the entire Chennai operations, in recognition of his stupendous efficiency and commitment to his work.

In the year 2006, he decided to quit and start his own HR consultancy services in Chennai. Thus, as born, Matrix Human Capital Solutions, in May 2006.

Here, are a few excerpts from an interview with Rajesh Chugani, at his residence at Gopalapuram.

Tell us in brief about Matrix

Matrix HR specializes in the provision of high quality HR solutions and excels in innovative human capital management. People are an organisation’s greatest asset. Matrix HR makes this a reality by working with clients to ensure that people are your greatest source of competitive advantage. I believe, by truly aligning your human capital with your business goals, ultimate performance can be achieved.  We pride on practical, straight forward approach around four broad areas_

1. Employee relations including employment law

2. Organisational change and development

3. Recruitment, selection and retention

4. Reward and recognition

Do you have a team to work with you in this?

A part from me, we are a team of enterprising youth with proven consulting lineage and supported by a seasoned Silicon Valley entrepreneur. Passion, empathy and integrity are our core driving forces. Whether you require a one- off consulting project, additional expertise to augment your current HR team, on going coaching and consultancy or to outsource your entire HR function,  Matrix HR will be there every step of the way ensure your business requirements are met and your expectations exceeded.

Why do you think a client would prefer to choose Matrix over other consultancy firms?

We emphasise importance of strong relationships and the key to maintaining this with clients, is to learn from each other, to enjoy a spirit of camaraderie, to understand and empathise with their business needs, we adopt a holistic approach to customise client centric solutions.

What benefits do you provide to clients?

We keep recruitment costs down, eliminate time spent on low potential clients, identify and contact high potential clients faster than the competition, improve quality, foster innovation, strive for client centric solutions, access to “ Best in class” expertise and technology.

What is the usual methodology you adopt?

  • Selection process.
  • Post employment follow up.
  • Presentation to client
  • Validation
  • Multi channel sourcing
  • Requirement clustering

In brief about other services you provide?

  • Payroll management
  • Staffing services
  • Resume building
  • Retention consulting
  • Assessment and training
  • Multi channel sourcing strategy development and execution
  • Direct recruiting services
  • Executive placement

What are the main domains to which you recruit and who are the main clients in each sector?

Information technology - My main clients have been Wipro, Polaris, CSC Covansys, etc , to name a few.

FMCG domain- My clients have been Nestle, Cadburys, Brittania

Banking sector- HDFC, ABN AMRO, Standard Chartered Bank.

Besides these, Sodexho in the service sector, and Ucal fuels, in the automobile industry. We have placed two vice presidents there.

Other domains to which we provide services to , include retail, hospitality industry, travel, finance, insurance , office automation, telecom, to name a few.

What are your future plans?

T o be the unsurpassed standard of comparison and be recognised as a company with honesty, integrity, dedication and provider of value based HR service. My team and I at Matrix hope to create a positive edge by providing a gamut of HR solutions and establish Team Matrix as a strategic partner to the high growth organisations in their HR processes and endeavors, as well as provide professional assistance to individuals

It is his holistic approach to providing human capital for clients that scripts success for his ventures.


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